I’m Tired Of Being Led On — If You Just Want An Easy Hookup, Find Someone Else

I try and offer brutal honesty about what I’m looking for in love. My dating profile is clear and I tell the guys that that I meet that I’m looking for a real relationship that hopefully leads to long-term love. Despite my clarity, so many guys that are just looking to hook up blatantly ignore my honesty and attempt to lead me on instead. I’m sick of it and I’d rather not waste my time. If you’re a guy who’s only looking to have fun, please just leave me alone.

  1. I’m not looking for a layover to love. If I wanted to just have a little fun and not get into anything serious, I’d be upfront about it, so why is it that you still feel the urge to coerce me into thinking hooking up and lowering my love standards is a good idea? It’ll never be a good idea in my eyes, so save your breath and energy for someone who wants what you want. It’s not me.
  2. Destroying my hopes for no reason makes you a jerk. I’m sick of dating guys who pretend to be looking for the same things as me and play me like a game of charades until their conquest is fulfilled. Then, they bolt and treat me like I’m the psycho for calling them out on treating me like dirt. WTF? I’m upfront about what I want, so if you play along only to get what you want, it doesn’t make me a crazy woman, it makes you a giant jerk. Grow up.
  3. I can have “fun” all on my own. Believe me when I say that if I wanted a temporary distraction, I can easily get it on my own, so no, I don’t need to go to bed with a guy or keep it light to have fun in my world. Newsflash: I rock my own world all by myself. I don’t need anyone’s help.
  4. I’m girlfriend material and I won’t settle for being anything less. At a certain point, I realized I had to raise the bar for myself and it started with holding myself in a higher regard. No, this doesn’t mean I’m snooty or that I’m a prude, it just means I know my own worth. I know what I’m capable of giving to the right guy in my life and I know I’m amazing girlfriend material. Reducing myself to a casual affair is a huge injustice to my full potential and I simply won’t do it.
  5. I’ve had my single girl fun and I’m ready for more now. I’m sorry to say it but if you’re at this stage of life and still just looking to have fun and hook up without it leading to anything meaningful, you’re not on my level. I’m at the point in my life now where I can look back on my younger years and be satisfied and truly happy about the fact that I had my single girl fun and took advantage of my freedom. I’m done now. I’m ready and looking for more now because I’ve lived and outgrown the carefree days of dating.
  6. It should be pretty simple if we’re not on the same page. I can’t stand when a guy tries to convince me that there’s no harm in having a bit of random fun and that I’m completely delusional for holding out for more. I don’t care to waste my time on less and it’s nothing to be ashamed of or shamed for.
  7. Hooking up and acting casual is a complete waste of my growth. I’m proud of who I’ve become, and while I respect anyone who enjoys the no-frills lifestyle of casual hookups, it’s not my cup of tea and never really has been. I feel like accepting casual intimacy and living for temporary moments of fun is a complete waste of the life I’ve built and the person I’ve become. I fought a hard battle to be the woman I am and I refuse to waste any more time on dodging my love goals in favor of fitting into the dating norms.
  8. Leading me to believe in more is a selfish and jerk move. If you lead me to believe you’re looking for more and pretend to be all in it for love the same way that I am only to leave as soon as you’ve had your fun, congratulations —  you’re a piece of sh*t. My honesty isn’t an invitation for you to mask yours.
  9. I’m an ‘all or nothing’ type of woman. It might seem like I’m boring to some guys, but I really don’t give a damn. I’d rather be single and alone than settle for less than what I want. To me, settling is just another way to downplay my self-worth and I value myself more than the Hope Diamond.
  10. I have better things to do. I’m not about to compromise my morals and objectives just to have a guy temporarily in my life, so if you’re only looking to have fun and I’ve made it perfectly clear that I’m looking for more, don’t even bother proceeding any further. Admire me from afar. The life that I’m living is already satisfying and amazing without you and I don’t need your idea of fun to add vibrancy to my life. I’m as vibrant as they come and I’m looking for more than just fun, so if you’re not on my level, just leave me alone. We’ll both be better off for it.