Tired Of Swiping Tinder? 10 Ways To Meet Guys Without Using An App

Are you tired of swiping left on Tinder (or Bumble, OkCupid, etc.) feeling like you’ve gone through all the possible matches and still coming up short? Online dating can be discouraging sometimes, and especially after the pandemic, we want to get back into society after sitting through Zoom meetings all day rather than sitting in front of our screens even longer. So how do you find potential dates out in the real world? Here are some suggestions for how you can meet new guys in your area without using dating apps.

  1. Walk your dog. If you have a canine friend, try taking them for walks around town or take them to the local dog park. Dogs are always a great conversation starter. People are more likely to stop and say hello to your gorgeous pupper, and if you want to, you can take this opportunity to make new friends.
  2. Visit a church or synagogue with a thriving singles group. Are you a religious person or interested in learning new things about other people’s beliefs? Visit a local church, synagogue, or other place of worship. The key here is to hang around after the worship service and introduce yourself to people. You can look up different churches on Google to see if they have a group for singles (sometimes called adult professionals or young adults). If you show up and the church doesn’t have many singles at all, that’s okay! Just smile and try a different place next week.
  3. Join an exercise class. Everybody has to exercise (or at least they should!) and it’s a good way to meet new people. Remember, men and women tend to gravitate towards different classes. Usually, women are more likely to join classes like yoga and pilates, while men tend to gravitate towards cycling and running. And as always, don’t be afraid to make friends with the women as well.
  4. Attend local music events. This is one of the best ways to meet guys without dating apps. Does your city (or a city near you) host concerts in the park? Or maybe there’s a local choir or orchestra that is preparing to have their Christmas concerts? Music can connect a lot of people, but if you’re not musically inclined enough to join the orchestra, why not go to their concerts instead? Especially with a smaller event, you can meet new people fairly easily before the show begins. If you’re not sure where to start with this, see if your local library has any information on upcoming musical performances in the area. You could also try searching Google for local music groups.
  5. Take yourself on a date. I know, I know – you’re trying to get away from the single life and you want to meet guys so you won’t have to take yourself out to dinner anymore. Hear me out. Men are less likely to talk to you if you’re surrounded by a group of friends (and vice versa, you probably wouldn’t approach a table full of guys you’ve never met). It’s easier to approach someone when they’re alone and they look content in their surroundings, so don’t spend the whole time on your phone. Look up and admire the scenery.
  6. Sign up for a cooking class or a wine tasting. The great thing about cooking classes is that you get to learn some new skills, meet some new people, and eat an amazing home-cooked meal (unless you burned your food). All jokes aside, cooking classes are a really fun experience because they’re often lively and full of cool people. If you’re into something a little more sophisticated, you could also go to a wine tasting. It might be a totally different crowd, depending on where you live and how fancy the wine tasting is.
  7. Wait in line. Hey, it’s not very glamorous, but if you strike up a conversation with the person in front of you at the grocery store line, it can be a good way to start meeting other locals. Try commenting on something in their cart, or if they have a sports jersey on. The good thing about this trick is that since you’re both waiting in line, people will assume you’re just killing time, and they’re more likely to answer.
  8. Volunteer in your community. This might not work with all charities, but I’ve known people who had great success with meeting someone at a volunteer event. Go with a charity that you’re interested in, such as your local animal shelter or Habitat for Humanity, and get to work. When you work alongside other people, it can be so much easier to strike up a conversation. Plus, you’ll know at least one of his interests– if he’s volunteering, you know that to some degree, he’s a caring person. While you shouldn’t do charity work to meet guys, it’s just an added bonus that gets you off dating apps and into the real world.
  9. Attend a fundraiser gala. Fundraiser galas are not for everyone, and due to COVID, most organizations won’t be hosting galas for a while. However, when you find a charity or organization that you like and they host a fundraiser gala, this is an opportunity to meet some of the more sophisticated crowd. If you’re in your mid to late thirties and you’re looking for someone who’s a bit more elegant, fundraising galas might be the perfect place for you. They will cost money (obviously), but if you use the opportunity wisely, it is totally worth it. Plus, you already know what the money is going towards.
  10. Ask your friends. Let your friends know that you’re interested in dating again and ask them to tell their other friends. If they do it right, you might be able to find a friend of a friend of a friend who’s single and interested! You never know, so go ahead and ask. And if you find someone through a friend, you’ll have at least one person that you know in common, which can be a good conversation starter. (“So, how do you know Emma?”) Or, if your friends don’t know any single guys, you can agree to start looking together. Sometimes, it can be helpful to have a wingwoman.
Lauryn is a writer and blogger who hails from California. She loves big dogs, fuzzy blankets, and hot cheetos.