To The Guy Who Disappeared Before Really Getting To Know Me

You didn’t even get to know me before you made your assumptions and tossed me aside. You read one page out of my book and decided you already knew the whole story, but you were wrong. That’s the thing about really good stories — sometimes they surprise you and turn into something amazing if you give them a real chance. You judged me way too early and you seriously missed out.

You ran from the first minor defect you saw.

I’m sorry you expected me to be perfect without the flaws that make me the unique person I am. But guess what — no one is perfect and you’re delusional to live in a bubble of chasing a version of perfection that doesn’t exist. I deserved an actual chance, but I guess in hindsight, I’m better off not knowing you either.

You literally knew nothing real about me.

You didn’t take the time to truly dive into the best parts about me which I don’t offer up front and right off the bat. Believe it or not but you need to earn the best things that will ever come into your life and you’re never going to earn an amazing woman like me if you keep dismissing good people based on minor and superficial details.

If you give up that easily, you’re only fooling yourself.

If you’re the type of guy who’s quick to give up on a relationship or even the idea of one without even making a real effort to get to know the person in front of you, then you’re going to end up alone. If you want to learn how to be a mature, grown-up guy and have a real and adult relationship, you’re going to need to learn how to see the beauty in people instead of always letting the negative attributes stand out front and center in your mind.

I’m complex and it takes a while to get to know me.

I tried as best as I could to let you into my world and my heart, little by little, and day by day — but you’re not going to get all of me overnight. I wish you would have given me a real opportunity instead of the half-assed attempt you made at getting to know me before you drew your deluded conclusion. I’m a complex person, and that takes time to reveal.

I wish you didn’t waste my time the way that you did.

The time we spent together is something I’ll never get back and I’m sick of guys like you wasting my time with short-winded and lame ass attempts at dating and forming a real and solid connection with me. If you weren’t willing to give things a real chance, you shouldn’t have entered my life at all. I would have rather been spared the confusion.

You’re not picky — you’re a jerk.

You might say that you’re just too picky, but that’s a complete load of crap. If your dealbreakers are so minute and pinpointed, then you probably think more highly of yourself than you should. I’m the one who knows who I am overall and I’m the one who’s left with knowing everything you’re completely missing out on. You’re merely the loser who doesn’t know what he let slip away from him.

It really is your loss.

As upset as I was at the time that you wrote me off because of something so stupid, I realize that I dodged a huge bullet by shedding the weight of a judgmental moron like you. You may not have gotten to know the best parts about me, but I still have me and I’m one hell of a catch.

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