To The Guy Who Didn’t Deserve Me & Never Will

To The Guy Who Didn’t Deserve Me & Never Will ©iStock/SanneBerg

I used to sit and wonder what I could have done better or differently to keep you in my life. I felt like we were on the same page and that we were headed towards an amazing future, but all that came crashing down when I realized the truth — you actually weren’t crap. I see things clearly now and the truth is, you never deserved me, you never will and I’m better off without you.

  1. You really had me fooled. I really thought you were genuinely interested in me, but it turned out to all be an act. I was simply a player in your game and you never really had any intention of seeing this thing through. I could blame myself for being so naive, and maybe I should, but the truth is that leading me to believe you cared more than you did just to get what you wanted makes you a piece of crap and you should be ashamed of yourself.
  2. You never reciprocated my thoughtful gestures. Every time I went out of my way to do something kind and thoughtful for you, you glossed over it as if it was something you felt entitled to. Nothing I ever did was good enough and it was exhausting trying to figure out why you didn’t appreciate the ways I was showing you that I genuinely gave a damn.
  3. You didn’t care to notice I was making a real effort. You didn’t seem to even notice when I was going above and beyond to show you that you were an important part of my life. When I date someone, I don’t half ass it because I’m looking for something real and long lasting — forgive me if everything I gave you was still not enough. I tried as best as I could, but apparently it wasn’t good enough for a selfish player like you.
  4. You were a lazy jerk. When I take a clearer look back at how things went down, I realize that you really were a lazy jerk at making an effort to make me feel cared for. Relationships work both ways and if you want to feel something amazing, you need to put out what you take in to feel the full effects of what could be.
  5. You’re insane to think women like me come around everyday. Treating a woman like me the way that you did astounds me. It’s as if you think that good women like me come around every day but that’s simply your own delusion. One day you’ll look back and realize how good you had it with me, but by then it’ll be too late for you and I’ll be with someone who truly deserves me.
  6. You were a complete waste of my time and energy. I can usually take a good lesson away from jerks, but with you, it’s just a clear waste of time. The only thing I learned is that I’m better than you and you never deserved to benefit from the good parts of me in any way shape or form — you were a mistake.
  7. This is how good women turn into bitches. If you’ve ever wondered why so many good women become jaded, this is it. You’re part of the problem. Grow up and learn how to treat a woman. If you can’t bring your own kindness to the table, make your own sandwich and eat it alone.
  8. I know better now. I know now not to invest my energy into anything or anyone who doesn’t pay me even an ounce of thoughtfulness in return. I wasted my energy on an ungrateful little jerk and I’ll never make that same mistake going forward. Because of you, I’ve learned not to give the best parts of myself away so freely and that the right guy will truly show he’s worthy of my time and affections by giving me the same kindness in return.
  9. You were lucky to have me as long as you did. I sincerely hope you enjoyed the time you had with me, because it’s all you’re ever going to experience. I went into this thing with you with so much optimism and a good faith hope that you quickly slapped from my senses. I’m sorry I genuinely cared about you but I’m glad you ended it the way you did, even if it hurt. It allowed me to see things clearly — you never deserved my kindness in the first place. It’s you who was unworthy of me.