To The Guy Friend Who Disappeared As Soon As I Got A Boyfriend

When I was single, you claimed to be my friend; we texted, spent some great times together and I thought you legitimately cared about me. When I finally met my soulmate in this crazy world, I thought you’d be happy for me — I didn’t expect you to unfriend me and vanish. The fact that you didn’t want to be in my life anymore hurts, and it shows me that you never really cared about me in the first place.

If you were a real friend, my relationship status wouldn’t matter.

For that matter, neither would yours. If you’d been a real friend, you would have congratulated me and perhaps cracked a dirty joke that would make us both laugh. The fact that you disappeared as soon as you discovered I was off the market is beyond screwed up. At least I know now that you never really gave a crap about me, and the truth has set me free from the web of deception you were spinning.

If you wanted more, you had your chance.

When I consider the possible reasons for you jumping ship when you did, naturally I consider the possibility that you had feelings for me. If that was the case, you had plenty of time to be honest while I was still available. I refuse to feel bad about you missing your chance because honestly, it’s your loss, not mine.

If you were just trying to sleep with me, you’re an a-hole.

Of course, another possibility I’ve considered is that you didn’t have actual feelings for me as a friend or anything else and you were really just trying to sleep with me. If you’re actually heinous enough to fake a friendship in a desperate attempt to score, I have something to say to you from the bottom of my heart: screw you.

Your silence is deafening.

When my life took a turn for the better, it changed things and I know that, but you still could have communicated with me. By just ditching me like I was yesterday’s newspaper, you sent a loud and clear message that I was never of any importance to you. Rest assured that I got the memo, and I’m so glad I finally have a real man in my life who wouldn’t pull that BS.

I’m sad, but I don’t need you.

I really thought we had a connection and I’m sad that I was wrong. I thought you valued me for who I am, but that clearly wasn’t the case. On the bright side, I’ll be just fine because I just met my long-term best friend, and I’m confident that he’ll be by my side for years to come.

I hope you learn the meaning of real friendship someday.

How many friends do you need to lose before you figure out what friendship really means? In my book, friends celebrate each other’s victories and mourn each other’s losses; they don’t just bail when life changes.

Don’t call me when life gets crazy and you need a friend.

By ditching me in my hour of transition, you’ve signed away your rights to my undying support. I’m pretty sure you don’t give a damn, because if you did, you’d still be here. Either way, when your life gets crazy and you need a friend, don’t call me because I won’t come save you.

Have a nice life.

I wish you were as good a person as I thought you were, but the truth hurts sometimes. Whatever your reasons were for bailing without even having a conversation, I’m moving on because I see the best times of my life in the future, not the past. I hope someday you meet someone who changes your life the way mine’s been changed; only then will you realize what’s really important.

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