To The Guy Who Led Me On — Screw You

In all honesty, I don’t even know what the point of our experience was, but I do know that you completely played me for a fool. I thought you actually gave a crap about me. I thought you were genuine, but as it turns out, you’re just another player I would have been better off without. While I’m happy you removed your BS existence from my life, I’ll never forget the ways that you led me on. You made me believe there was something real between us.

  1. You talked about our future and gave me false hope. You talked about all the things we’d do together one day, which led me to believe there was a later down the road at all. I’ll never know if it was just your initial excitement about us or if you were just a complete liar the entire time, but what I do know is you made me feel like an idiot for thinking you were genuine.
  2. You turned me and you into “we,” and that made me feel at ease. When you talked about us in the company of others, you used “us” and “we,” and that made me feel amazing. Just as quickly as you gave me that kind of comfort, you took it all away like it meant nothing at all. Ouch.
  3. You introduced me to important people in your life, and that meant a lot to me. I met your family and your closest friends — where I come from, that’s a big deal, and you said it was too. I got to know the people you loved and who were most important to you. They welcomed me into their lives, too. That’s why it sucked so badly when you suddenly pulled the plug out of nowhere.
  4. You invited me into your world totally and completely. You didn’t just put an idea in my head, you painted an entire picture of a story I couldn’t wait to live out. You put me in the girlfriend role without ever giving me the actual title. I didn’t think we needed it since your actions seemed to be speaking loud and clear. As it turns out, I was the idiot who fell for your crap.
  5. I deserved better than you. Sometimes you don’t realize how badly someone treated you until they’ve walked out of your life. At least, that’s what it was like for me. I genuinely believed him when he said he loved me but if that was true then he wouldn’t have hesitated about being in a relationship with me, and he definitely wouldn’t have spoken to other women behind my back. So no, he didn’t deserve to be with someone like me and I can clearly see that now.
  6. You’re not as great as I thought you were. People can be deceiving and unfortunately, he had me fooled the entire time. I guess I wanted to be with him so badly that I was willing to ignore the obvious signs that he wasn’t going to commit. It was partly my fault because I should have seen him for who he was and not who I wanted him to be.
  7. I didn’t misread anything; you’re just a jerk. When you didn’t understand why your abrupt ending baffled me, I was even more confused. How could anyone lead someone on to the degree that you did and then not understand why that would be upsetting? I liked you. I actually gave a crap. My hurt feelings are completely justified, and so is my right to call you a dirtbag for leading me on.
  8. I’m not nuts for feeling the way I do. You tried to make me seem like I was being irrational and that my right to be upset was invalid, but that was a load of garbage. You gave me every reason to believe I could finally let myself fall for you, and when I did, you let my face hit the floor.
  9. You fooled me once, but never again. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. You’ll never learn the latter because I’m not silly enough to fall for your act all over again. Have a nice life without me. You seriously missed out.
  10. You were a waste of my energy, and I deserve better. If I could erase you from my memory, I would — not because we didn’t have solid times together when things were good (or so I thought), but because I wish I could get the time back that you stole from me. It was time I could have spent on someone who was actually worth it and deserves me.
  11. In hindsight, you actually did me a favor. Even though you left me disappointed, it’s better off that things ended this way. I wouldn’t want to be with someone who isn’t sure of himself and makes false promises for a future that will never come. Maybe you were living out a fantasy in your own head, maybe you were just being optimistic or maybe you’re just a clown and I was your puppet. In the end, it doesn’t really matter, because as much as you wasted my time, you set me free to let someone who means what he says.
  12. Thank you for showing your true colors. I found it difficult to accept that someone who I thought I knew so well could end up hurting me the way he did. It made me feel like I’d never trust anyone again. But I don’t regret knowing him. He taught me that I can only depend on myself for my own happiness and that I should value my self-worth by being with someone who actually wants a real relationship with me.