To The Guy Who Made No Effort But Expected A Spark

You were looking for romance. You were looking for fireworks, but you made no effort to light the fuse. Instead I was left lonely, alone, holding the matches to guide you to the light, but you never showed up to the party. To the guy who made no effort but expected a spark, this one’s for you.

  1. I did what I could. No matter how many thoughtful gestures I made, they went unnoticed. I didn’t expect you to do everything for me, which is why I made it my business to reciprocate. Maybe I was too nice, and maybe I gave too much too soon, but I treat each relationship as if it were the last one, because one day it will be.
  2. You only saw yourself in our equation. It didn’t matter that I showed you my investment and that I was taking a chance on you for all the right reasons. The agenda was always to satisfy your schedule. It was all about your needs, and you never really considered me at all.
  3. I knew it wasn’t right, but I thought you were different. When I started to see how little you cared about making me feel I was special, I felt the panic build inside of me. But I was foolish and ignored it. I dismissed it, thinking you would get over it. But you turned out to be just like all the rest — willing to take, but never willing to give. How can you expect to feel anything when you gave nothing to energize the potential we had?
  4. I’m so tired of “almost.” What you wanted was temporary, and what I wanted is forever. You wasted my time and robbed me of my energy —  energy I could have been spending with someone willing to work and earn the moments when two people willfully connect. We never quite got there, and that destroyed me.
  5. I was ready to fall, but you didn’t catch me. I was doing my part, and even though you failed to see your own side through, I cared for you anyway. Maybe I’m stupid. You fooled me into believing that you cared by inviting me into your life, but you were never willing to truly let me in. You left me hanging, with no soft landing in sight.
  6. People aren’t a ruse to further your ego. I never asked for this. You made me feel like our initial chemistry was genuine, but it was merely a short-term distraction to fill the void you needed filled. You said things to get me excited for a future you painted but would never exist. So I made an effort, because I thought you were genuine.
  7. I could have made you happy if you let me. I tried to be romantic and I tried to build the attraction between us, but you were completely oblivious. Romance is a two-way street, and if you’re unwilling to make any effort, it’s unfair to expect the elusive spark you think you deserve. We only deserve what we’re willing to give freely ourselves.
  8. I don’t want you anymore. You hurt me. You disappointed me and you exhausted my kindnesses, but I’m glad that you did. The way that you left made me glad to see you go, because what I want is a person who is willing to put in the same effort to build upon the attractions I foolishly thought existed between us. I don’t want you, nor do I need you anymore. I’m holding my sparks for the right match who will earn the right to the flame.