To The Guy Who Thought I Couldn’t Make It Without Him

To The Guy Who Thought I Couldn’t Make It Without Him ©iStock/Ihor Ustynskyi

I remember the day you told me I wouldn’t be able to live without you. You told me I couldn’t do it, that I wouldn’t survive, but here I am several years later, and I’m completely killing it. Turns out, I didn’t need you after all.

  1. You weren’t my support system — you were my partner. I was never with you to get ahead in life, nor was I with you because I needed someone else to help me to pick up the slack. You were someone I loved and genuinely gave a damn about. When you told me I was nothing without you, everything we had together felt like a lie. It was as if you thought you were above me, but you weren’t.
  2. You didn’t see the ways I was killing it in life all along. I was always taking care of things for you, for us and for myself, but you never opened your eyes wide enough to see it. I worked long days and sometimes nights and still came home to clean up after your mess. I might have had an extra set of hands at the time to help me with the dirty work, but as it turns out, my own two hands were all I needed.
  3. Leaving you allowed me to truly find myself. If I had never left our relationship, I wouldn’t have accomplished all I have, which is beyond anything I could have ever done with you. It may not have happened overnight, but being without you made me realize not just the true potential I had, but also who I really was deep down inside. Sometimes I look back and don’t even recognize the woman I was with you anymore. I didn’t just grow out of you, I grew far beyond you.
  4. It was never about needing you; I wanted you, but things changed. I never needed you in my life to fill any sort of BS void that you thought needed to be filled. I never leaned on you or our relationship as a crutch to make it in life. I was with you because I adored you and being with you made me happy — but one day things changed for me, and it brought out your need to try and tear me down for being true to my heart.
  5. I worked even harder to prove you wrong — and it worked. The fact that you thought I couldn’t make it without you only made me that more determined to do so. Now I’m not just surviving, but I’m rocking it on my own and with no one to thank but myself. Those words may have hurt me at the time, but in hindsight, they were exactly what I needed to push myself forward.
  6. The possibilities are limitless without you. It’s amazing to think I could have spent a lifetime with you and bypassed this pivotal part of my life that I was destined to be living. Now that you’re gone, the sky really is the limit on what I can do with my life, and I’m going for it.
  7. The joke is on you now. You thought I wouldn’t amount to anything more than your sidekick. You thought I would struggle and eventually wander back to your arms, begging to be taken back into the life you thought I had so easy. I’ve got news for you — I’m no longer your side show anymore, I’m the main event.
  8. Thank you for fueling me. As much as I might hate you for saying the words that could have eaten away at me, I should actually be thanking you. Since leaving you, I’ve not only conquered my demons, but I’ve risen above them and gone on to do all the things I used to only dream about doing while I was with you. So thank you for being a complete loser to me and giving me the fire to improve my life- without you.