TODAY Is The Day Your Boyfriend Is Most Likely To Propose—Here’s Why

When you’re in a happy, healthy long-term relationship, it’s normal to begin wondering when you might take things to the next step by getting engaged to your partner. If you feel ready and you’re pretty sure your boyfriend is too, you might be pleasantly surprised to learn that TODAY is the day he’s most likely to pop the question. Here’s what you need to know.

  1. It’s all about planetary alignment. It’s August 14th, which means that the Sun and the planet Venus are forming their once-a-year conjunction, also known as the cazimi Venus or Venus taking its place in “the heart of the sun.” According to The Sun, this makes things pretty steamy in our love lives. Venus is a pretty sensual planet in that regard, so things are really kicking up a notch.
  2. Today and tomorrow are pretty big days. August 13th was the start of this intense phase in your love life and that trend peaks today. Tomorrow will still be pretty hot as well, so a proposal or even a love-at-first-sight situation for the single ones among us isn’t totally out of the question even then.
  3. Because love is at the forefront, it might be at the front of your partner’s mind too. Maybe he suddenly realizes that he’s tired of waiting around and wants to push things forward and today’s the day he decides to make the move. For this reason, maybe you shouldn’t be surprised if a ring appears today or even tomorrow.
  4. It’s Leo season too, which means that even the single among us stand a chance at benefitting over these few days. As the US astrologer Jake Register told The Sun, “Venus is channeling those vibes into our relationships and the cazimi Venus just amplifies it to the nth degree so it’s good for pulling all the stops and being loud and proud like a Leo in your love life. It’s a day where you can easily find the confidence to send that first text, or invite your crush to get coffee, or do something super cheesy and flashy to ask someone you’ve been dating to be in a serious relationship with you, or even pop the question and propose to your S.O. With this strong Leo energy, the bigger you go, the better, and there’s no such thing as being too extra here. For Leo Sun/Venus/Rising signs, this is an extraordinary day for your love life.”
  5. Whatever your romantic situation, keep the faith… Basically anything can happen today or tomorrow due to planetary alignment, so keep your hopes high and your heart open. Then again, if you don’t believe in all this astrology stuff, maybe you think it’s total BS. You still have nothing to lose by hoping for the best, right?
Piper is a NYC-based writer who loves dogs, iced coffee, and calling people out on their BS.