I’m Totally Self-Sufficient But I Still Need A Supportive Partner

I’m not the kind of girl who needs constant reassurance from her boyfriend to know she’s awesome. I’ve always had the confidence and drive to do my best, but at the end of the day, I still need some support from my guy when I get home. Why is that a problem?

  1. I STILL HAVE MY INSECURITIES. It’s true that I have a lot of confidence but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have to fight insecurities. I usually choose to embrace my flaws, but sometimes I have bad days where I can’t silence the negativity in my own head. I need the reassurance sometimes that all of these limitations are, in fact, just in my head. My guy’s reassurance is not the basis of my self-belief, but it can sure boost my confidence when I need it the most.
  2. I’M NOT SUPER WOMAN. Just because I don’t need anyone else to make my success for me doesn’t mean I’m superhuman and can be everything to everyone 24/7. It’s really easy for me to overload my schedule, burn myself out with too many commitments, or just simply not give my best sometimes. I still love to cuddle up with my guy on the couch and forget about the world when I wear myself thin.
  3. I’M HARD ON MYSELF SOMETIMES. I have really high standards for myself, which means that like most people, I’m my worst critic. Sometimes I take it too far and end up just beating myself up over mistakes or circumstances I can’t change. I need a guy to steady me sometimes, to remind me that I don’t have to be perfect and I’m doing a good job. Without that voice telling me otherwise, I can really wear myself out with criticism.
  4. THE WORLD CAN BE CRUEL. The world doesn’t think I’m special or go out of its way to make me feel valued or comfortable. My good days are good, but sometimes I come home totally discouraged by what happened during the day. My man is the only person in the world who sees me at my highest highs and lowest lows and still thinks I’m awesome. Being able to hear his voice and see the way he looks at me can help me remember I’m special to someone and it’s okay if it’s not everyone.
  5. I HAVE A LOT OF GOALS. Sometimes I don’t need comfort from my guy so much as I need feedback. When I come home with a head full of ideas, I need him to help me sort out my thoughts and bounce ideas around. He helps me organize what’s in my head and keeps me accountable to my goals. I keep him in the know of everything I’m working towards and he helps keep me focused on those things. He knows all my bad habits, where I fall short and keeps me from falling for my own traps.
  6. A LITTLE AFFECTION GOES A LONG WAY. I think it’s totally amazing how much power a simple embrace has over our emotions after a long day. Him taking that extra moment to let me know that I am loved sends so much positivity at my mood. A simple kiss on the forehead in the morning can set me up for an awesome attitude for the whole day. I don’t need to be doted on all the time but taking a minute to just love on me a little extra really can make the difference.
  7. I VALUE HIS OPINION. My boyfriend is the best friend I have in my life, so of course I value his opinion more than anyone else. I know he’ll be honest with me and wants me to be the best version of myself. Knowing he’s behind me and supports what I’m doing motivates me to do my very best at everything I do. I take his advice to heart and really think about what he says, not because I feel a need to impress him, but because I know he has the best intentions.
  8. I NEED AN OUTLET. As a woman, I have so many thoughts running around in my mind all day and it’s impossible to keep them all inside. At the end of the day, I really need someone to talk to that will let me brainstorm, share ideas, rant, discuss and debate with them. I’m not a quiet girl and am always in the mood to talk so being able to let everything out is essential.
  9. HE’S IMPORTANT TO ME. I don’t look for approval to validate myself but because I love my guy so much and I want to make him happy. I want that reassurance that I’m doing a good job at being his woman and want to know honestly when I need to do better. I want to make him happy because it makes me happy, and I never want to assume I’m doing everything right without asking about how he feels.
  10. STRONG DOESN’T MEAN UNATTACHED. I feel like there’s a big misconception that if you’re a strong girl, you don’t need any emotional support and that’s just a flat out lie. I’m not cold because of my confidence. I love to feel the warmth of the man in my life and know that I’m valued. Just because I don’t need constant reassurance doesn’t mean I NEVER need reassurance. Like everything, it’s a balance to be able to love yourself as well as letting others’ love carry you.
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