The Towelkini Is A Dress, Towel & Bikini In One—Bring On Summer!

When you’re heading to the pool or the beach, it kinda sucks having to lug a bunch of crap with you. Sure, you could just wear your bathing suit under your dress and throw a towel over your shoulders, but what if you could have all three garments in one? Enter: The towelkini!

  1. Yep, this is a real thing. If putting a dress, bikini, and towel into one piece of fabric sounds like a weird idea, well… you’re probably right. However, someone had that idea and now it’s a thing. Embrace the genius!
  2. It’s a more affordable alternative to its name-brand counterpart. While there’s an official Towelkini that sells for $199, for us broke gals, $13 seems a whole lot more affordable. I have no doubt that inventor Aria McManus deserves all the profits ever from making such a bomb product, but a girl has bills.
  3. They come in three bright colors. You can grab one of these babies in neon pink, green, or yellow, making them perfect for all of your fav summer activities. They’re made of 100% polyester and are machine washable as well, so easily to throw in the washing machine after a long day in the sun.
  4. There’s a hole in the back so you can still do your business. You won’t have to remove the whole towelkini when you have to make a trip to the little girl’s room—the back is cut out of the butt area so you can do your business and get back to business, so to speak. That means you’ll have to wear bikini bottoms, but that’s NBD, right?
  5. Who doesn’t love a little novelty? Is this thing all that practical? Maybe not if you want to get a tan (your whole front will be covered as well as the top part of your thighs, so you won’t get much in the way of even coloring) or, you know, if you don’t want to walk around with a polyester towel over you all day. However, it is hilarious and cheap enough to be enjoyable until you discard it to show off that beach body.

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