Trader Joe’s Is Selling Glazed Chocolate And Sour Cream Donuts Now, Thank Goodness Trader Joe's

Trader Joe’s Is Selling Glazed Chocolate And Sour Cream Donuts Now, Thank Goodness

Trader Joe’s is known for their delicious offerings. From that ridiculously good orange chicken in the frozen section (seriously, get it and try it if you haven’t already) to their pretzel rolls (RIP), the retailer is known for coming up with tasty concoctions at really good prices, and their new donuts are sure to become yet another fan favorite.

They come in two tasty flavors. Trader Joe’s is doing donuts in two flavors at the moment: chocolate glazed and sour cream glazed. Donuts were pretty much the one thing missing from the regular TJ’s lineup, though they did do apple cider donuts for a short period in the fall. Nevertheless, it’ll be good to see these added to the permanent lineup.

They’re “dense, cakey, and moist.” According to a post on the Trader Joe’s website, the donuts, which are made at the same factory that makes their apple cider donuts in the autumn, are like the good old-fashioned donuts you know and love. The chocolate donuts are shaped like crullers and the sour cream donuts are standard rings and both of them need to be in my belly immediately.

Unfortunately, they’re not vegan or allergy-friendly. The donuts do contain milk, wheat, eggs, and soy, so you’ll need to keep that in mind if picking these up for the office or other friends who have dietary restrictions.

They come in boxes of six. That means you’ll need to be buying a dozen donuts if you want to try both flavors since they don’t come in mixed boxes (yet, at least—take note, Trader Joe’s execs!). They’re $4 (well, $3.99) and available in the store’s bakery section. Of course, keep in mind that TJ fanatics tend to go HAM when a new product comes out and it sells out pretty quickly, so you may have to fight off some other donut fiends to get your hands on these.

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