‘Tramp Stamps’ Are Apparently Making A Comeback In The Tattoo World

We all remember how popular “tramp stamps” were back in the ’90s. Hell, you might even have one yourself! Sadly, the lower back tattoo trend soon became a bit of a joke and labeled as “cringe” rather than sexy. However, like all good things in pop culture, they’re supposedly coming back around to being in style again, which is good news for many of us!

All the youngins are into tramp stamps now. If you’re part of Gen X or the Xennial generations, it’s time to feel validated once again! Finally, we can unite along with celebs including Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears in pride of our lower back tattoos.

The name is pretty offensive, of course. Before we go any further, can we get rid of the term “tramp stamp”? It’s ridiculous offensive and literally has no meaning. The idea that a woman is a “tramp” because she, what, wears low-rise jeans that show off her ink is ridiculous and pretty sexist.

Lower back tattoos are going to be on all the Gen Z kids. Now that these bad boys are back in style, you can expect to feel super old as you reminisce on the fact that you totally had one first, many decades ago before they were even thought of, let alone born. We are the tastemakers, dammit!

I can’t wait to see what artwork people decide on! Lower back tattoos are totally coming back (pun intended), so it’ll be great to see what designs people come up with for them. I’m all about body art, so let’s see them!

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