Trapeze Artist Crashes To Ground After Missing Husband’s Hand During Stunt — VIDEO Twitter/e2w

Trapeze Artist Crashes To Ground After Missing Husband’s Hand During Stunt — VIDEO

A Russian trapeze artist fell more than 16 feet after missing her husband and stunt partner’s hand while performing a new trick. The whole incident was captured on video by horrified audience members. Thankfully, 26-year-old Tatyana Zolotukhina is thought to be in stable condition following the accident, according to e2w news (via NY Post).

Her husband and the circus staff immediately rushed to her aid. Afte she hit the ground, the crowd began screaming but soon fell silent as circus staff and Zolotukhina’s husband tended to her. Miraculously, she appeared to still be conscious and was soon rushed to a local hospital to be checked over.

She didn’t escape without injuries. According to local media, Zolotukhina suffered a broken wrist and may possibly have fractured her spine. Further testing is said to be underway to determine the extent of her injuries.

The stunt the trapeze artist was attempting is very dangerous. The move was called “Flame” and was being performed without a sfety net. Zolotukhina first began posting about the act roughly eight weeks ago, revealing that she’d been working on it for nearly two years. She admitted at the time to having many “scars, bruises, fear, and much more behind the scenes” throughout this time.

It’s unclear whether Zolotukhina will perform again. And it’s even more unclear whether or not her injuries will keep her from ever attempting “Flame” again, at least not without a safety net. For now, she just needs to focus on recovering. However, it’s clear the traveling Filatov circus, which is more than 180 years old and thought to be the oldest in Russia, will be by her side the whole way.

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