I Tried A Committed Relationship & Hated It—I’d Rather Sleep Around

I could’ve stayed with my ex and been miserable, but I knew that leaving so that I could sleep with other people was the best decision I could’ve possibly made—for both of us. At this point, I don’t think I’ll ever make the mistake of committing to anyone ever again.

  1. I wanted to get away from my relationship the entire time I was in it. I love the idea of coming home to the same person on a daily basis, but that’s just it—I love the idea. I don’t actually want to go through with it. I’d much rather spend my time learning new bodies than spending every weekend with the same person. There’s such an adrenaline rush that nothing can compete with when you’re having sex with someone new for the first time. Whether or not things got old, I still would’ve left.
  2. I need space to breathe. How could I possibly think I’d want to be trapped in a committed relationship? I mean, there’s literally no space and the sex is monotonous as hell. It may be an unpopular opinion, but sleeping around is so much better. Sometimes I like to spice things up, and being in a relationship is like being caged and controlled. I don’t understand why anyone would want to be suffocated when they can be free to make their own decisions, sexually and otherwise.
  3. I wanted adventure and that’s just what I got. I could’ve chosen to come home to the same person, but why do that when I can get free food and sex from a different guy any time I want it? I know that makes me sound like a terrible person, but the number of orgasms I get is totally worth the shame of sleeping around. I would’ve been OK with an open relationship but my significant other disagreed.
  4. There are no expectations when you’re not in a relationship. After leaving my boyfriend, I realized I had no one to answer to anymore. I can live the way I want to, spend my time the way I want to, and just live for me. I can take time to focus on myself with absolutely no repercussions, which feels amazing. The men I sleep with never know anything about me, not even my address, and that’s just fine with me.
  5. There are absolutely no secrets, yet again, everything is a secret. Having a FWB for means that I don’t have to worry about secrets or drama because I’m in charge of how much I reveal and don’t. It also means that I don’t care if he’s talking to other people because I probably am too. There’s no need to explain or make any excuses. My FBs are occasional, casual one-night stands and will never be anything serious, so it really doesn’t matter.
  6. I no longer worry about the future. I don’t care where I’ll be three months from now because no one is counting on me to be their ideal partner. I can figure out where I want to be in life, what I want out of life, and most importantly, who I truly am deep down. My own goals are all I have to accomplish. Even if I had a strict idea of how I wanted my future to be early on, a relationship wouldn’t have been part of it.
  7. I don’t get bored anymore. There isn’t anything worse than being committed to someone who doesn’t interest you. I had a boyfriend but I felt so alone. I might as well have been single for all the good my relationship did me. I couldn’t help but want to get out. If I could get all the parts I actually enjoyed about my relationship without the actual relationship, why wouldn’t I? That’s why hooking up is such a godsend.
  8. I don’t have to ask for permission to go out anymore. I wanted to leave the house when I felt like it. I didn’t want to worry about not being able to get the number of the cute guy who was smiling at me from across the room. I wanted to go to parties and wear a dress that was a little too short and end up in some stranger’s bed naked. I wanted a different lifestyle than being tied down to one person for the rest of my life and not experiencing what it’s like to have sex with a different person regularly.
  9. Ultimately, I didn’t love the guy I was supposed to be committed to. To me, that was enough of a reason to get out. I decided to leave him and I actually ended up sleeping with a few of his friends. That might have been wrong of me, but there’s no harm in having a little fun, right?