I Tried Letting My Boyfriend Shave Me But It Was Pretty Weird

Recently I’ve been experimenting with my boyfriend, allowing him to do things for me that normally I wouldn’t dare. This week it was time to break the shaving taboo but it turns out that’s one step too far even for me.

  1. I thought it would be hot. I love to break boundaries with my boyfriend, trying new things together. I find it really helps both in a sexual and non-sexual way, to find out what each other likes and also how we deal with certain situations. Through this, I’ve found that even mundane things can become quite interesting and take on a new dimension when performed together. Last week, I let my boyfriend wash my hair and the results were more than amazing, so to continue sharing chores in the shower, I decided to take it a step further. I had the idea that having him shave me could be really hot. Part slave, part intimacy, I imagined the whole situation would be invigorating and the thought of him shaving me was quite the turn-on.
  2. The prep work was intense. Now, I’m under no illusions. The majority of guys, no matter how long you’ve been together, won’t find half an inch of hair on your legs a turn on. I certainly wasn’t about to unleash a jungle upon him. Before the experiment, I had shaved everywhere as normal, two days prior. This meant that the shaving would be more about the feeling of him doing it than actually relying on him ridding my bits of fuzz. I also loaded up on fresh razors and splurged on actual shaving foam rather than depending on my conditioner to perform more than asked of it like I usually do.
  3. It turned into a not so sultry shower experience. It all started really well, like most showers we take together. We got all soaped up and spent some time just being with each other, but as I looked him up and down, a memory that made me wince and immediately squeeze my legs together all came screaming back to me. I’ve been trying to get my guy to manscape for quite some time now,so as the one-eyed hairy beast was looking back at me, I recalled his reaction to my suggestion that he shave his balls. The jist of which was, testicle skin is very delicate and he wouldn’t trust himself not to cut up his balls. As soon as I remembered him saying this, I knew it was all over before it began. If he didn’t trust himself to shave his own bits, how could I trust him to shave MY delicate area?! (You can unclench now!)
  4. We started off slow. Even still, I was committed to the experiment, so I pulled myself together like the girl boss I am and decided to take it one step at a time. First the legs, then we’d see! Not forgetting the pits too, but pits are okay, not too delicate.
  5. We got lathered up. It only went from bad to worse when he started to apply the foam. My boyfriend dry shaves and basically just trims his facial hair so the concept of applying any kind of shaving product is alien to him. His lathering technique resembled a cosmetics rep giving you a free sample of $1000 face serum, in other words, stingy! Once he learned it was going to take much more than a pea-sized amount of foam to do my whole leg, we were winning. All of this tutoring was starting to bring the mood down, making it feel more like a weird after school special rather than a hot experiment.
  6. He cut me to the bone. The leg shaving began awkwardly and inevitably with more tutorial. Unused to shaving such large areas, his first technique involved short, sharp strokes of the blade in all directions, causing multiple cuts and razor burn for days! Once he got the hang of longer strokes, it got better,but my libido had well and truly left the building.
  7. Stop! Too far! In order to try and claw some sexiness back from the whole ordeal, I knew I had to take it a step further. Further north of the calves to be precise. He was much more interested in this area but his enthusiasm was overshadowed by my own sense of dread. He did an average job of the mound but I had to call a halt to the experiment before he reached the lips. I just couldn’t do it.
  8. It really wasn’t sexy. In hindsight, I’m not sure why I thought it would be. It was decidedly ickier than I imagined and the positions and maneuvers I’d have to make in order to ensure the skin was taut was not going to be hot or flattering in any way.
  9. Some things are meant to be done alone. I hate to say it as I think it’s so important to be able to share every aspect of your life with your partner, but this is one of those things. I’ll let my boyfriend see me with hair removal cream on my upper lip but shaving will be done alone in future.
  10. At least I can say I’ve tried it. I’m not sorry I did it but I won’t be in a hurry to repeat it. Maybe it would be better to stick to just the legs, especially now he knows what he’s doing and maybe in the bath instead of the shower if I do try it again. The verdict? I hated it but at least I can say I’ve tried it!
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