I Tried To Be Vulnerable, But You Gave Me Every Reason Not To

I thought that we had potential and I actually let myself believe that this could turn into something amazing — or at least I hoped so. I really did want to open up and let you into my heart, but you quickly showed me why I couldn’t go any further. I tried to be vulnerable, but you gave me every reason not to be.

  1. Your lack of communication was the first warning. I’m a smarter woman than you think, and when your communication became lazy and infrequent, it was the first sign that I needed to hit the breaks. You were just stringing me along for your own pleasure. You couldn’t muster up the balls to tell me what was really going on, but luckily for you, I’m smarter than you gave me credit for.
  2. You tried to rush the intimacy. When you didn’t get your way with me early on, you pouted about it and suddenly changed gears with your affections — but I knew better. I make myself hard to impress for a good reason, and in hindsight, I’m glad that I hesitated to let you into my bed. You only would have hurt me.
  3. You were purposely vague about where I stood with you. You never made your intentions clear, and even though we continued to hang out and you continued to text me sporadically, you gave me zero reasons to believe that I could truly trust you and your intentions. Nine times out of 10, if a guy doesn’t mention where things are headed, they’re going nowhere. Welcome to nowhere, population: YOU.
  4. You never really paid attention to anything I said. It seems like you would forget every single thing that I told you about myself, which made me feel like it really didn’t matter if I said anything at all. I hesitated to tell more because everything I DID share with you only fell on deaf ears. You never really cared about knowing who I am, and now you’ll never know.
  5. You had your own agenda. You never really gave a damn about my interests, my life, my hobbies or doing any of the things that make me happy — it was all about you. I temporarily joined you in your life and all of its wonders, but when you made no effort to merge yourself into mine, I knew it was time to leave you behind. The love I’m looking for is the kind that goes both ways and I refuse to settle for anything less.
  6. You made me feel invaluable. You didn’t appreciate the ways that I was good to you — but the joke’s on you because that was only the beginning of what I have to offer. I’m capable of being an amazing girlfriend and life partner, but you were too stupid and selfish to notice or care. I regret spending as much time with you as I did, but I’m fortunate that I didn’t let myself fall so hard that I couldn’t get back up.
  7. My gut told me something wasn’t right. Something inside me was warning me not to be too vulnerable and not to allow my feelings to get carried away with me — and for once, I actually listened to the voices that were screaming at me to run. You may have been thrown off by my exit, but I wasn’t going to let you turn into another disaster that would screw me over in the end.
  8. You’re just like all the rest — but I know better now. I wanted so badly to be more vulnerable and I hoped that you might finally be the beginning of the forever story I’m searching for. It turns out, you were just another waste of time. I’m smarter, wiser and stronger now for having dated a few players like you in the past and I know better than to repeat the same patterns.