Tristan Thompson Slammed As An “Appalling” Father To Son Prince, His Ex Jordan Craig’s Sister Says

Tristan Thompson Slammed As An “Appalling” Father To Son Prince, His Ex Jordan Craig’s Sister Says Instagram/khloekardashian | Instagram/alleyesonjordyc

It kinda goes without saying that Tristan Thompson is… not a great person. He’s a serial cheater who seems to love impregnating women and then denying all responsibility for his children, except for the ones in the Kardashian family since he has something to gain by his association with them. So, while Kim Kardashian was full of praise for Thompson’s dedication to being a father, the sister of his ex Jordan Craig, with whom he has a 6-year-old son named Prince, would beg to differ.

  1. Sure, being a good dad and a good partner aren’t mutually exclusive. That was the point Kim was trying to make on “The Kardashians” this week when she said that Tristan Thompson is “such a good dad” even though he “just couldn’t get it together in that area of being a faithful boyfriend.” That’s not the kind of example I would want to set for my children, but hey, whatever. Kim still insists he’s a “really good person and friend.” Yikes, the standards are on the ground in the Kardashian family, aren’t they?
  2. Apparently, Tristan Thompson stepped in to help Kim with her own kids. Since Kanye West’s uncontrolled mental health problems keep him from being present in his own kids’ lives, that has left Kim as a single mom in desperate need of help, apparently. That’s where Tristan came in. “When he saw me struggling with my kids, he stepped up,” she said in a VT.
  3. Too bad he doesn’t step up for his other children. Kai Craig, the sister of Tristan Thompson’s ex Jordan Craig and aunt of his 6-year-old son, Prince, couldn’t take it anymore and had to speak up about what Tristan is really like. While she has remained quiet for the past seven years for the sake of her sister’s privacy, seeing Thompson getting praise was simply too much.
  4. Tristan Thompson isn’t interested in being there for Prince. “It’s so painful to see how Tristan can find the time to do these nice things for others but can’t seem to show up and be a real parent for my nephew Prince,” Kai wrote on Instagram. She went on to call his behavior “appalling and inexcusable,” adding, “You are NOT a good father if you can’t be a good father to ALL of your children.”
  5. Kai Craig also had a message for Kim Kardashian. She criticized the star for standing up for deadbeat men instead of standing by her fellow women. “I don’t want to believe that you are this insensitive to the fact that he literally ignores his children. That’s nice if he’s been a good friend to you, but let’s consider our sisters before taking to global platforms to defend this man’s character,” she wrote.
  6. He’s not involved with his 22-month-old son Leo, either. He conceived that child with Maralee Nichols, who he cheated on Khloe with before denying the affair and the paternity until a DNA test proved that once again, he was a liar. No wonder Khloe Kardashian has been left with brain trauma after dealing with him.

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