New Tropical Froot Loops Include Banana, Pineapple, Mango, And Orange Flavors

While big bowls of sugary cereal tend to be a thing you eat as a kid rather than as an adult, Froot Loops’ new Tropical cereal might be the exception to the rule. While the fruity flavors are pretty delicious in general, the new variety includes banana, pineapple, mango, and orange pieces for a truly summery breakfast.

  1. Even the box of Tropical Froot Loops looks… tropical. I mean, Toucan Sam is wearing a Hawaiian print shirt, for goodness’ sake. Combine that with all the colorful little fruit graphics, the bright orange background, and the picture of the vibrantly colored cereal pieces and basically, I’m sold!
  2. The flavors offer a delicious twist on the classic cereal. While regular Froot Loops are a combination of fruit flavors, the fact that the Tropical variety has much more pronounced and individual tastes is pretty cool. Not to mention the fact that the flavors are extra tasty and, again, yes, tropical.
  3. Tropical Froot Loops are just starting to pop up. A few Instagrammers including @foodiewiththebeasts have managed to find these at their local supermarkets, but they’re by no means widespread as of yet. However, now that they’re beginning to pop up on grocery store shelves, it’s worth keeping an eye out at your local shop so you can pick them up when they do appear.
  4. The flavor is limited edition, so you’ll want to grab them quick. The Tropical Froot Loops box reveals that they’re a limited edition flavor, meaning they won’t be around forever. In fact, their summer release likely means that they’ll be gone by the end of the season. That means if you really like them, you’ll probably want to stock up so that when they’re no longer being sold, you still have plenty on hand. That’s just smart thinking, right? I think so.
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