Are You Truly Happy Single Or Is That Just What You’re Saying?

You claim to be single and loving it, but are you sure that’s what you really feel? There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be in a relationship, but why deny it? Here are some signs that you might actually want to meet the man of your dreams even though you swear you don’t:

  1. Guys rule your girls’ night out. You’re out with your best girls, but instead of spending time with them and having a good time, you’re busy trying to make eye contact and start up a conversation with every cute guy who walks into the club. You might say it’s just innocent flirtation, but it looks like more. Seriously.
  2. You tell people you hate relationships, but… When someone starts talking about relationships, you’re quick to say you absolutely hate them and they’re a waste of time. But then you’ll fall for guys really easily, even when they’re terrible for you. You don’t admit it when it happens, but your BFFs can see it from a mile away.
  3. You get defensive about being single. You’re quick to get agitated when someone says that they’d love to find someone. You always try to defend singledom but sometimes it feels like you get a little TOO defensive about it, even when it concerns other people, as though you invented it or something.
  4. You have weird issues with women in relationships. You don’t really enjoy being around women who are in relationships, and when they talk about their fabulous partners, it’s enough to make you scream. But ask yourself: are they just annoying or do you feel a little envy?
  5. You put nice guys on pedestals but insist you’re not interested in them. That guy at your work who’s always so helpful? You talk about him all the time, but then you insist you’re not interested in him. Yes, even though in your words, he’s basically perfect. Um, okay.
  6. You hang out with “the guys”… in your sexiest LBD. It could be that you love the attention you get from those guys you consider to be your best guy friends, but they also happen to look like models. And you’re not interested in any of them. Riiiight.
  7. You swear your FWB meant nothing. Those tears on your face? They’re totally just allergies. You didn’t feel anything for the best friend you bedded, even after he totally dissed you. No, really. You didn’t want to become his girlfriend! Okay, we believe you.
  8. You talk about love. A lot. For someone who doesn’t want to fall in love and rolls her eyes at happy couples, you sure talk about love all the time. It’s weird — sometimes it’s like you’re always singing love’s praises even though you promise people that it’s the last thing you’d want in your life. It’s almost like you could be sick and tired of being single, but just don’t want to admit it.
  9. You say how amazing it would be to be with Chris Hemsworth. You fantasize about hot male celebrities to the point where you even joke you’d save yourself for them. But then, don’t you see? On some level, you’d want to be with a guy as attractive as them. It’s just safer to fantasize about guys who are nothing but pictures because there’s no risk of heartbreak.
  10.  You overreact when people ask why you’re single. Yes, it’s frustrating AF, and all single women will hate being asked why they haven’t found their guy yet, but you take those questions to a whole new level of hurtful. You are prone to bursting into tears if someone asks you about your single status, which kind of makes people wonder if you’re actually so torn up about it because you hate it.
  11. You get alarmed when people talk about how hard it is to have kids after a certain age. You always tell your friends you’d hate to be married with kids, and yet when they bring up the latest study about how it’s harder to have kids after a certain age, you look really afraid. Why do you care so much? Do you secretly want a husband and kids? Hmmm?
  12. You watch all the bridal shows you can get your hands on. Your idea of fun on a Friday night is watching all the bridal shows you can find. No, it’s not because you want to be a bride, but it’s just fun, that’s all. And the dresses are really pretty, especially the ones that look like they could fit you. Sure…
  13. You don’t really live up the single life. Although you talk about how fantastic single life is, you’re not really living it up much. It’s almost like you’re just hoping it will become brilliant or you won’t have to be in it because Mr. Right will come along, instead of making the most out of every day you have that’s completely yours.
  14. Rejections hurt more than usual. You’re quick to say, “Who needs guys?” when your friends get hurt by them, but then when you go on a date with some guy and he doesn’t call you afterward, you go through a really bad patch. You might insist you’re worried about something else, but your friends know you too well for that. You know, there’s really no harm in saying you want a relationship. Just saying…
Jessica Blake is a writer who loves good books and good men, and realizes how difficult it is to find both.