Trust Yourself, Because No One Knows You Better Than You Do

It’s hard to tune out the noise in this crazy world and pay attention to what you know you need. There are so many conflicting outside forces that can get in the way, from friends to family to partners to whatever other influences that sneak into your head. When the going gets tough and you can’t figure out where to turn, it’s important to remember that you are your own best resource. It’s imperative that you trust yourself, because the truth is, no one knows you better.

  1. Your intuition is powerful. You carry an innate level of wisdom within you. Trusting yourself leads you into making the best choices for your life. Tapping into your intuition is a skill set, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn it. It just takes practice.
  2. Just because you’re emotional doesn’t mean you’re wrong. If women were able to believe in our own judgement from childhood instead of second guessing our reasons for feeling the way we do at any given time, there’d be a lot more kickass women in this world. Men get to embrace their intuition and call it leadership, but women are supposed to defer to the judgement of others. That’s a BS trap, and you don’t need to fall into it.
  3. You can trust that you’ll know what’s best for you. You’re the one who knows what you need better than anyone else does. You know what makes you happy, what you need to feel safe, and what kind of environment you thrive in. If you make a choice that ends up being less than ideal, you’re not failing yourself — you’re just testing things out in pursuit of a larger goal.
  4. Your voice counts. It’s okay to listen to others, but yours should be the loudest voice in the crowd. Getting advice from friends is always good, but you don’t have to defer to other’s ideas. You are capable of listening to good advice and picking what you need from it. You can make the ultimate decision on your own.
  5. Self-reliance is key. It’s part of being an adult, really. You’ve got to be able to trust yourself when facing all sorts of tough choices. If you can’t believe in your own ability to figure stuff out, you can’t move forward in life.
  6. Success is relative. Your definition of success might be different from someone else’s. Actually, it definitely will be. And that’s okay! That’s what makes us unique. It’s easy to get torn up over not meeting someone else’s expectations of you, whether they’re spoken or unexpressed. It’s important for you to know what you want because you’re the only one who gets to decide what success is for you.
  7. It keeps you grounded. In a world of conflicting perspectives, you need to somehow stay grounded. You’ve got to have a core of belief inside of you to tap into when you need it. If it comes from an external source, you won’t be strong when you need it the most.
  8. If you can’t trust yourself, people will prey on that. If you don’t know how to hear your own thoughts, opinions and advice, people will be able to push you around with theirs. Sure, your friends aren’t going to have an agenda, but there will always be people in the world who do. You’ll leave yourself vulnerable to manipulation if you can’t hold firm.
  9. Your opinion is the most important one when it comes to your life. Ultimately, that’s what it comes down to. You’re the only one who gets to live your life, and you’re the only one who has to live with the outcome of your choices. Are you happy with yourself? Do you believe you’re on the best path for your life? That’s what counts. In the end, everything else is just noise.
Becca Rose is a writer with high hopes for her student loan debt. She's a musician and aspiring novelist, but don't ask her to write poetry, because she's terrible at it. She has written for HelloGiggles, The Toast, The Huffington Post, and more. You can find her on Twitter @bookbeaut