Your Twin Flame Is Like Your Soulmate On Crack—Here’s How You Know You’ve Met Yours

Twin flames are the extension of our souls. According to Greek Mythology, we were originally created with four arms, four legs, and two faces. Zeus feared that their massive power would overpower the Gods so he split them in half, dooming them to search for their other half for eternity. Have you found yours? Here’s how you know.

  1. Your souls just seem to recognize each other. You have a magnetic connection to this person and feel pulled to them immediately. It feels like it was your destiny to meet one another. You may even feel a sense of déjà vu, as if you recognize this person from somewhere.
  2. You match up in numerous weird ways. You find synchronicity and alignments everywhere. You start to see 11:11 and other numbers repeatedly. Your birthdates may be in alignment with certain dates, such as a family member’s birthday. The day you get together may even have an astrological alignment such as the winter or summer equinox. The paths that both of your lives have taken will most likely be very similar.
  3. And yet, they’re almost your perfect opposite. Twin flames are similar in many ways but they’re also polar opposites in many aspects. Because of this, they perfectly complement your likes, personality, and overall lifestyle. Your twin balances you. Twin flames differ from your soulmates because soulmates are perfectly in alignment with you. Twin flames are mirror souls; the opposite reflection of you, showing you your strengths and beauty as well as your weaknesses and shadows. Their darkness balances your light and vice versa. They’re the yin to your yang.
  4. One twin is more advanced spiritually and mentally than the other. One twin takes the role of being the teacher, the confidant, and the counselor. This is because one twin is more spiritually mature than the other. Twin flames undergo stages within their relationships. The more old wounds surface, the more turbulence arises in the relationship. Although this is necessary for growth, the twin who’s more mature becomes the chaser and the other, the runner. The mature twin attempts to strengthen the relationship and make amends.
  5. With them, you’re home. Although you’re whole all by yourself, this person makes you feel even more complete, if such a thing is possible. This person is your safe haven. It’s a safety and security deeper than you’ve felt with any other place or person. With them, everything is right in the world.
  6. You’re both driven towards a higher purpose. You both feel moved to work towards something bigger than yourself. Together, you dream of working towards a spiritual, environmental, or social movement. You feel as though this person has an important role to play not only in your personal life but on your path to fulfilling your larger purpose.
  7. They teach you life’s biggest lessons and bring you closer to self-love. If you’ve met your twin flame, know that you are well along on your spiritual path. Their purpose is to help you finish shedding layers off of yourself that are not true to who you really are. They challenge you by unveiling your wounds, fears, and shadow selves. They teach you important life lessons such as self-love, compassion, gratitude, and forgiveness. Much of this you should learn on your own before you even get into a relationship, but with your twin flame, these concepts are heightened.
  8. You can be your authentic self without fear of rejection or betrayal. Since you feel safe, secure, and trust this person, you can be completely you. You allow yourself to be vulnerable without hesitation. Twin flames feel comfortable letting them see you in ways you may hide from the rest of the world. You let them see your acne, your flaws, you can express yourself without judgment, and you spill your soul to them.
  9. The bonds you’ve shared with previous partners seem weak in comparison. The depth of your connection is indescribable. The merging of your minds, bodies, and souls supported by the entirety of the universe is destiny. It’s one of the most magical experiences you can have on your spiritual journey. Your soul is expansive and your perception of the world around you is so much bigger than it once was. It’s a beautiful thing.
  10. Sex is truly a sacred act. Not all twin flames are romantic. They may be a family member. If your twin flame shows up as your lover, you first have to understand that your sexual energy is sacred energy. When you have sex with your twin flame, it’s a divine merging of the souls. To become one is a powerful force, vibrating out miles into the universe. This concept sounds hokey to many, but when you’ve met your twin flame, you understand it perfectly.
  11. Being apart and breaking up haunts you. You feel devastated, depressed and incomplete without them. Being away from them just doesn’t feel right. t feels as though your entire world is shattered and that there’s no hope for the future. This may be due to mental or spiritual maturity, lack of self-love and respect, more life lessons needing to be learned, or more healing of old wounds. If you are dealing with unbearable pain, know within your soul that it is a blessing in disguise. This is your tie to rebuild yourself and unleash all that you are capable of. Most twin flame relationships don’t last. Once you own the lessons you’re supposed to take from it, your life will unfold beautifully as it’s meant to do.
Angelica Rose is a blogger, entrepreneur, holistic health coach, and spiritual mentor from New York. She uses her intuitive healing gifts and experiences to guide others back to a place of inner love. In between meditating and practicing spirituality, exercising and cooking vegan meals, expressing her artistic side in makeup and fashion in her line Mystic Mob, producing YouTube videos and running her company, Angelica Rose Awakenings, she helps others ‘awaken’ to their best selves through her writing on her blog