Twizzlers Is Releasing A Mystery Flavor, So Get Ready For A Taste-Test

Twizzlers Is Releasing A Mystery Flavor, So Get Ready For A Taste-Test Hershey's

Admittedly, I’m a sucker for novelty food products. Even if they’re not every good or all that exciting, I still want to try them for the sake of it. However, I’m legitimately pumped to try Twizzlers’ new Mystery Flavor. First of all, Twizzlers are downright delicious, so any variation is generally guaranteed to be a winner. However, I love the fun involved in trying to figure out new flavors without any clues to help.

  1. We don’t know much other than that it’s purple. The only clue at all – which may not even be a clue and could be a red herring meant to throw us off! – is that Twizzlers Mystery Flavor is purple in color. Sure, that could mean it’s grape flavored or plum or something along those lines, but it could also be something wacky like lemon. Who can say?!
  2. There are literally no other details. We have no idea when Twizzlers Mystery Flavor will be released or where we’ll be able to buy it. However, Best Products hunted it down Wholesale Albanese Confectionery, where it’s marked as a new item. It’s not actually available to buy yet, unfortunately.
  3. This is one of the most exciting candy releases of the year. Sure, it’s only March and all candy is exciting by virtue of being deliciously sugary, but a mystery-flavored candy is always fun. Do you know how long I spent trying to figure out what flavor White Mystery Airheads were when I was younger? (The truth is that it’s hard to tell – it tends to change based on what they have left over at the factory.)
  4. Keep your eyes peeled for this at your local store! You never know, it seems like it might just pop up in the coming weeks or months. I know I’ll be looking for it!
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