The Types of Guys That Ghost On You & Why They Suck

The Types of Guys That Ghost On You & Why They Suck ©iStock/Art-Of-Photo

Ghosting is basically the only way to break up these days. Sure, it’s totally immature and leaves people wondering what went wrong, but when you can peace out over having a long, drawn out breakup, more and more people (both men and women) are choosing the easy way out. Now that so many people are meeting via app, there’s no reason to actually “break up,” especially if there’s no mutual friend connection. There are all kinds of ghosts, and you never quite now when you’ll meet one. These are the ghosts you’re guaranteed to meet while searching for someone who won’t fade away.

  1. The one who’s still haunting you via social media. You thought this guy might actually turn into a real relationship, especially when he started talking about meeting the parents and even mentioned marriage. Then suddenly, it’s completely over with no explanation. You see him on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter (and LinkedIn when you’re feeling really desperate), so you know he’s actually alive… but sometimes you wish he wasn’t.
  2. The one who you never actually saw during daylight hours. OK, admit it — you were kind of convinced this guy was a vampire the entire time you were together. After all, it seemed like he didn’t exist during the day, because you only heard from him after midnight with a “U up?” text. In fact, it’s entirely possible that he slept in a crypt, because you never went to his apartment. One night, you send off a “You out?” text of your own to no response, and he’s never heard from again.
  3. The one you never should’ve gotten involved with. You knew better than to start hooking up with this guy, but that didn’t stop you (even though your friends tried to talk you out of it). When you sometimes see him on social media, he’s always surrounded by a group of girls worthy of Instagram super-stardom. You kind of think about warning them, but realize that eventually, every girl falls for a bad boy. The best case scenario is that he ghosts so you can move on.
  4. The one who never really goes away. This is the ultimate “almost” relationship. Every time you think this guy has ghosted and you’re ready to move on, he texts you immediately. It’s like he’s low key stalking you, ready to strike whenever you think you’ve met someone new. It’s a slow fadeaway that makes you question what he actually wants.
  5. The one you were never officially dating. This was never a Facebook official relationship, which means that you never even mentioned him to your family (or your friends that are particularly judge-y). Despite the fact that your thing was never “real,” it certainly felt that way emotionally, which made it even harder when he vanished without notice. It took months of asking your friends for advice, forcing yourself not to text him, “WTF HAPPENED???” and many bottles of wine to realize that you’ll never truly understand.
  6. he one who completely changes throughout your relationship. When you first get together, you’re pretty sure you’re heading towards relationship territory. You go on actual dates (not just drink ones), you talk about your families, and he texts you every day. Then, suddenly, he’s texting a little less… he only wants to meet up on the weekends… and then communication ceases entirely.
  7. The one you ghost on. You know you should never ghost on anyone, but when you start dating someone who turns out to be awful, you can’t help it. Usually you at least attempt to text back, but this guy is so creepy that you’d rather just slowly fade out of sight. Despite your obvious disinterest, he adds you on Facebook months later, likes a ‘gram from 24 weeks ago, and texts you about Twitter updates.
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