UGG Is Now Making Boots For Your Dog To Keep Their Paws Warm And Dry

UGG Is Now Making Boots For Your Dog To Keep Their Paws Warm And Dry Uggs

I know UGGs get a bad rap for being “basic” and super unfashionable, but I love mine. They’re so comfortable, they keep my constantly-cold feet warm and toasty, and I actually do think they’re kinda cute. So what? Sue me! Well, now Ugg is making dog boots to keep your pet’s little paws nice and cozy all winter long as well, and they’re actually really adorable!


  1. These dog boots are actually a collaboration. Ugg didn’t act alone here in bringing adorable footwear to your pup’s paws. They actually collaborated with New York City-based dog lifestyle brand Very Important Puppies to combine “the snug world of UGG with Very Important Puppies’ utility-driven streetwear designs.”
  2. There are two designs available at the moment. Both of the UGG x Very Important Puppies boots are made with faux suede with a faux fur trim, and you can choose either a tan boot with a neon orange trim or a black boot with bright green trim. Which one you choose (if you don’t just go ahead and buy both like I want to) is up to you!
  3. They might look like your average Uggs but they’ve been upgraded. Dog paws are different than human feet, obviously, which is why UGG made sure to make some alterations on the dog version of their boots. For one thing, they have an opening in the front with a loop strap so that they’re easy to get on your pup’s feet and they’ll stay on better too. They also have rubber outsoles to protect them from getting gross in bad weather.
  4. This just seemed like a natural move. “UGG is a truly democratic brand,” said Andrea O’Donnell, president of UGG® & Koolaburra by UGG® of Deckers Brands, in a statement. “Expanding our range and collaborating with Very Important Puppies clever vision evidences this notion and debuts fun and functional products, expanding the UGG brand’s iconic silhouette to a whole new species.”
  5. They’re available to purchase now! You can grab them on the UGG website or on the Very Important Puppies site while supplies last. They come in a variety of sizes and cost $80, so they’re not exactly cheap, but it’ll be worth it when you see your four-legged friend looking so chic!
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uggs for dogs
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