The Unbreakable Commandments Of Girl Code

Girl code is an unspoken honor system that we should be living by day to day. Your fellow females — whether friend, acquaintance, or complete stranger in passing — are allies, and you should always treat them that way. In other words, follow these 14 unbreakable commandments of girl code to live by:

  1. Thou shalt always lend tampons/pads. If a woman asks you for a tampon or pad and you have one available, thou shall bequeath the item to the sister in need at any time. The lady karma gods will have your back when it’s your turn to be in the same emergency situation.
  2. Thou shalt not date your friend’s ex. As Gretchen Wieners from Mean Girls once said, “Ex-boyfriends are just… off limits to friends. I mean, that’s just like the rules of feminism.” Also, it’s just a downright rude thing to do. If you do have the hots for your friend’s ex, at least warn her before she hears it from someone else. And then go sit in the corner, because you’re a mean girl.
  3. Thou shalt offer honest feedback on fashion selections. Whether you’re helping your friend get ready for a big event, or you’re the retail sales person in a clothing store, you should always offer honest feedback. If the dress isn’t flattering or if the colors don’t match, be honest. Never let a fellow female not look as flawless as possible.
  4. Thou shalt offer a shoulder to cry on. Even if she’s a stranger in passing, ask her if she’s OK. Let her vent. Let her cry. Be there for her in the moments you can be. You’ll need it too, one day.
  5. Thou shalt be BFFs in bar bathrooms. Because the ladies room is a sacred place — one for essential female bonding time and camaraderie. It’s the place where strangers become instant friends.
  6. Thou shalt rescue a sister from unwanted creepers. If you see a fellow woman in desperate need of getting out of an unwanted conversation, thou shalt interrupt and rescue the lady who needs saving by making up any excuse necessary to whisk her away back into the safety zone.
  7. Thou shalt hold hair when too many drinks have been had. If a woman is struggling to keep her drinks down, hold her hair while she sings her song of goodbye to the porcelain throne.
  8. Thou shalt leave clean surfaces for the next woman in the washroom. Because not wiping up after yourself isn’t just gross, it’s also inconsiderate to the next woman who’s greeted by your leftovers.
  9. Thou shalt inform of beauty obstructions. If a fellow female has lipstick or spinach in her teeth, thou shalt politely inform said sister and shall not let her go about her day with obstructions she’s completely unaware of.
  10. Thou shalt not flirt with a friend’s crush. If your friend expresses interest in someone, thou shall not flirt with said person in any regard, because you’re not a crappy person and you respect your fellow lady and the object of her affection.
  11. Thou shalt be honest about players behaviors. If a woman is dating a jackass who isn’t treating her fairly, thou shalt offer honest feedback and report any bad behaviors, such as cheating, so that she’s not blindsided by the truth later when her heart is more invested.
  12. Thou shalt compliment. Always offer compliments to your fellow ladies and let them know they have every reason to feel beautiful, because we all are and we need to remind each other more often.
  13. Thou shalt bring wine and snacks for every breakup disaster. When love bites the bullet, thou shalt provide a safe haven of comfort and support and offer sympathies and vent sessions with copious amounts of wine, pizza and ice cream.
  14. Thou shalt love, support, and respect one another. We’re all on the same team, and even if we come from different journeys, we’re all facing our own challenges, and when we stand by and respect one another, we become an unstoppable union.