What Makes A Woman Hot: 20 Unconventional Qualities Men Find Attractive In Women

I’m always a little amazed at the lengths some women go to in order to live up to conventional standards of beauty. If only they knew that they don’t always have to do this because the traits many guys like are a little less obvious. If you’re wondering what it takes to be “hot” in a man’s eyes, here are some qualities men find attractive in women that you might not even consider. Not all of us are obsessed with big boobs and butts — it’s the little things that drive us nuts in the best possible way.

1. Sweating

Maybe it’s the pheromones talking, but there’s something inherently sexy about a woman who’s a little sweaty. I get that nobody wants to walk around feeling gross and smelly all day. However, there’s something really hot about a woman who’s been working hard enough at something to get a little sweaty.

2. Messy hair

I never understood why women feel like every single hair needs to be in place. Of course, there are times when you try to look your best, but there’s something casual and hot when a woman’s hair is flying every which way. It shows that she’s laid-back and doesn’t take herself too seriously, which is always a plus.

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4. Eating junk food

Of all the qualities men find attractive in women, this one ranks near the top of the list. Obviously, eating junk food 24/7 is terrible for your health and not a good idea. That being said, any woman who can pig out with the best of them is appealing. Guys see it and think that the woman is just like them and a lot of fun.

5. Bedhead

Why do so many women think they don’t look good first thing in the morning? In a weird way, having bedhead can look hot. This is especially true if it follows a night of fooling around and he knows why her hair is messy. Even morning breath can be charming when it’s someone he really likes.

6. Oversized/chill pajamas

Some guys really dig it when a woman dresses very casually. Of course, seeing her in lingerie can be super hot too, but there’s something really adorable about seeing her in her favorite comfy PJs that’s a big turn-on. It’s probably because we’re left to imagine what’s under them!

7. Willingness to make fun of him

There are times when a guy wants his girlfriend to just be one of the guys and tease him a bit. It’s a weird way of feeling connected with someone. Plus, some guys are ego-maniacs and need someone to put them in their place sometimes. You can take this too far, of course – don’t humiliate him or harp on about something you know he’s insecure about.

8. Stubbornness

Believe it or not, some girls can be cute when they’re being stubborn. It’s a sign that they’re confident enough to know what they want and demand what they want. As we all know, confidence can be very sexy.

9. Wearing glasses

Ladies, please don’t assume that wearing glasses makes you less attractive. They can help make you look smart and successful, which are attractive qualities. You just have to make the glasses part of your look. This is probably one of the more cliche qualities men find attractive but that’s because it’s true.

10. Being clumsy

There is a bit of a theme developing here if you haven’t noticed. Things that make a woman seem more down-to-earth can also make her more attractive. Being clumsy is definitely one of those things that makes a girl both cute and relatable, but please don’t act like this if it’s not really you. That’s obvious and annoying.

11. Sending drunk texts

I should mention that what you text when you’re drunk matters. Still, most guys are flattered when you get drunk and think about them, which is why we find it hot to receive drunk texts… as long as the message is right. Try not to get so sloppy that you end up saying things you’ll regret the next morning.

12. A raspy voice

Are there not plenty of hotties in Hollywood with a raspy voice who prove this is true? It may not turn on every guy, but a raspy voice can be sexy and alluring, especially if you’re saying the right things.

13. Not being on social media

Do you have to share everything you do with the world? Sometimes a little mystery can be hot. Also, some guys prefer to know details about your life that you don’t choose to share with everyone else.

14. Driving a beat-up old car

Sure, most guys want to drive a flashy and expensive car, but there’s also something attractive about a girl driving around town in an old junker. She just seems self-sufficient and carefree, which some guys find hot.

15. A ponytail and a baseball hat

Again, the super casual look works with a lot of guys out there. It looks adorable and down-to-earth, not to overuse the phrase. It sends the message that we’re just hanging out in a relaxed setting, which a lot of guys find appealing.

16. A distinct laugh

Guys are always trying to find a way to make women laugh. It’s one of the biggest goals we have when it comes to getting you to like us. If you have a distinct or memorable laugh that a guy hears whenever you laugh, he’ll grow to love it.

17. Learning how you got a scar

If you haven’t figured it out yet, there’s nothing wrong with a few imperfections. I get that anybody would be a little self-conscious if they had a scar and will not want to talk about it. But I promise most guys will find it hot if you just put those insecurities aside and tell them the story. Plus, most guys are gross and love stuff like that.

18. Good penmanship

Obviously, most people don’t write hand-written notes anymore, but there’s still something hot about a woman who has adorable penmanship. I can’t quite explain it, but I assure you it’s something that most guys like.

19. Using your hands when you talk

This one sounds a little weird, right? But it’s fun to watch a woman become animated when she speaks about something to the point of waving her hands around. Granted, you don’t want to go overboard with it, but it shows that you’re passionate about something, which is sexy.

20. Sarcasm

A sense of humor is inherently sexy, and so is sarcasm. Just like most women want someone who makes them laugh, most guys feel the same way and will be more attractive to someone who has mastered the art of sarcasm.

21. Intelligence

I’ll never understand why some women don’t think that intelligence is hot. Yes, most guys will pay more attention to physical attractiveness, at least at first. But in the long run, guys will always find themselves more attractive to someone they think is smart and who can carry a conversation, so believe me when I say that brains can be sexy too. Of all the qualities men find attractive, this is the most important.

Bryan Zarpentine graduated from Syracuse University and lives in upstate New York, where he writes largely about the world of sports. His work has appeared on Franchise Sports and WSN, among others. You can find him on Twitter @BZarp.