12 Unconventional Sexual Positions To Try When You’re Bored Of Missionary

The missionary sex position is inarguably the most popular among most couples; it’s easy and doesn’t require much creativity. However, sticking to a specific sexual position can turn routine and make bedroom activities boring. Great sex is a combination of the right approach, mutual interest, and an occasional dose of spicy variety. If you’re tired of missionary, here are some toe-curling sexual positions you can try out in the bedroom today to keep the horny flames burning.

  1. The reverse cowgirl If you want to show off your great booty, think reverse cowgirl. It’s simply the alternate version of the cowgirl position but in this case, you’re facing your partner’s legs instead of his face.  You are in charge of the action and you get to mesmerize your partner with a great view of your ass. You’ll feel your partner’s penetration in a different way, more pleasurable than the cowgirl position even because your clit can be easily accessed and stimulated.
  2. The lazy man’s sex position This position is just as the name implies: lazy. Though this position is passive and wouldn’t get you doing that much, it will surely drive you and your lover to cloud nine. The twist is that you’re in control of the thrust game as you’re raising and lowering yourself onto his penis, slowly or quickly, as you want. Plus you get to enjoy lots of intimacy with your man.
  3. The cowgirl sex position This sexual position screams power.  This is one of the best woman-on-top sex moves as it gives you vintage control and is adaptable to all your freaky desires. You get to straddle your partner while using your hands for support and bounce to your rhythm. Don’t forget to spice it up by moving your hands all over his body.
  4. The face-off sex position. This position is great for bathroom, office quickies, short spontaneous sex, or even marathon sessions. Here, your partner sits either on a chair or at the edge of the bed while you sit on his lap, legs apart, facing him. This position also allows for intimacy because you’re both facing each other, eyes locked, kissing at intervals, and running your hands around each other’s body.
  5. The om sex position Just like the face-off, Om’s sexual position is also great for building intimacy between lovers with increased eye contact. To maximize this style, rocking is best as opposed to the traditional thrusts. To get into this position, make your partner sit cross-legged and then sit on his lap facing him. Now, wrap your legs around him and get locked in a passionate hug. When he slides in, slowly and gently start humping on him. To make it even hotter, you can even ride him to the rhythm of a sex playlist.
  6. The upstanding citizen sex position You should get a bit daring and take the action away from the bedroom with the upstanding citizen sexual position. Straddle your partner while he is standing. Wrap your legs around his body while he lifts you, bears your weight, and pumps into you, slowly or fast, as you wish.

More unique sexual positions to try

  1. The leapfrog sex position You’ll certainly love this sexual position if you love deep penetration and getting handsy during sex. It’s a variation of the doggy style but definitely hotter. To get in this position, rather than stay on your hand as you would in doggy, simply rest your chest on the bed with your hips raised while your partner enters you from behind, and rock your world apart. You both can get creative and try some booty plays like rim jobs and pegging.
  2. The doggy-style sex position This sexual position can change your bedroom games insanely. It’s easy to hit the g-spot and give you the deepest penetration ever. You can add a twist to the normal doggy position by varying your positions either by laying flat on your stomach or adding some pillows to get you the perfect arch. Whatever rocks your boat, just get comfortable and go with the flow.
  3. The champagne room sex position The best part of this position is that you don’t really need a bed. A couch, a box, or any comfortable surface can do the magic. All you have to do is sit on your partner facing away while you ride them with your feet firmly planted on the floor. If your feet can’t touch the floor, you can use the furniture as leverage to move. This position works for both anal and vaginal sex and it’s hands-free so you can get the toys out and get busy!
  4. The valedictorian sex position This position is a variation of the missionary style you’ve been so used to. But here, you’ll lift your legs and extend them to form a “V” shape while your man slides in and out. This position guarantees deeper penetration and the direct contact with your vulva would get you screaming your orgasm.
  5. The golden arch sex position Don’t try this if you aren’t ready to go wild with pleasure! This position allows for an incredible full-body view of your body. All you need to do is to get your partner to sit straight with his legs out and sit on them. Gently bend your knees over his thighs and get you both to lean back. You can also get a bit naughty by playing with your nipples or letting your hands wander to your clit, however, you love it. Or he can even use his hand to rub your clitoris while you lean back for more stimulation.
  6. The cowgirl helper sex position This is a classic cowgirl position but in this case, you’re receiving some assistance from your lover. He places his hands on your waist and assists you to bounce up and down on him. This is pretty cool if you tire easily and gives you time to focus on stimulating other areas like your nipples or your clit.

Truthfully, there is a world of incredible fun outside the customary missionary sexual position. Don’t be shy to actively seek optimum pleasure, get creative in the bedroom, and think outside the box. Pick out some great new positions that suit you and your partner and try it out, today.