10 Unconventional Signs Your Partner Is In It For The Long Haul

At the beginning of a relationship, your partner wants to put their best foot forward and hide their flaws. Thankfully, they eventually loosen up a bit, giving you a peek into the real them and letting their guard down to bring the two of you closer. Here are some signs they’re in it for the long-haul.

They laugh during sex

Especially when you first start sleeping together, sex can be serious business. When you get comfortable and loosen up, however, it can (and should) get more fun and silly. Laughter will be introduced and it won’t be a big deal whereas in the beginning, it might have been a bit awkward. Instead, it’ll just show the light-hearted nature of the connection you’re sharing.

They fart.

Need I say more? If you’re comfortable around each other, you’re probably farting. This is just a normal bodily function but it can be super embarrassing if you don’t know the person yet. Being at the stage where your partner feels comfortable doing it in front of you definitely means that they’re invested in being with you, as silly as that sounds.

They invite you to family gatherings. 

Family get-togethers may be fun for some people, but for most of us, they feel like a chore. Being around families can be exhausting, even more so if they’re not your own. If they’re asking you to come to a party involving the fam, then they’re definitely all-in with you. They aren’t afraid to introduce you to their loved ones, and even if it’s awkward at first, they want you there.

They relax their personal hygiene. 

This is a pretty icky one, but it’s the reality of many relationships. In the beginning, maybe your partner kept their beard perfectly trimmed or their legs cleanly shaved. As you get more comfortable around each other, though, these things that were once a priority aren’t so important anymore. It’s an indicator that your partner loves you enough to be their imperfect self around you.

They sit in silence with you. 

Silence can be awkward, especially at the beginning of a relationship, because you worry that it’s a sign you two aren’t compatible. Once you get comfier around each other, though, you realize that it’s cool to sit in silence. Your partner doesn’t feel the need to fill the space because they know that you love and care about them. They don’t need to impress you or entertain you 24/7.

They do gross things around you. 

Maybe they pick their nose or leave the bathroom door open while using the toilet. Whatever the gross thing is, they do it around you. This is because they’ve reached peak level of comfort in the relationship. They aren’t afraid to be nasty because they know you’re going to love them anyway. This also works the other way around; they’re going to love you even if you clip your toenails in front of them.

They buy you feminine products. 

This is applicable if your partner is male. You know you’ve reached the ultimate level when your boyfriend is willing to go out and buy tampons or pads for you at the store. He may feel a bit embarrassed because he’s only human, but in general, he’s happy to do it. This is an ultimate showing of love and is a huge indicator that he’s all-in.

Has ridiculous names for you. 

OK, you may want to rethink if they’re calling you “baby fluffy poo,” but they’re probably calling you some sort of cutesie name. The name may even be so ridiculous that they don’t say it around other people. This is an indicator that your partner’s crazy about you because they’re willing to be silly and vulnerable.

They’re OK with you seeing their flaws. 

At the beginning of a relationship, it’s all about being the absolute best person that you can be. Your partner relaxed that after being with you for a while. They go to the gym a little less or they show you their flakiness. Letting you see their flaws is an act of love, meaning they’re planning on sticking around for awhile. It means they trust that you won’t run the other direction at the sight of their imperfections.

Being sick doesn’t get in the way of intimacy. 

Kind of gross, but when your partner or you are sick, the two of you still kiss and get intimate with one another. You may even still have sex. Sharing germs is apparently a romantic activity or at least hoping to not have them spread. This sort of thing shows how much your partner cares about you and wants to be with you—even sickness doesn’t stand between you two.

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