Unconventional Things I Want To Do Before I Turn 30

Unconventional Things I Want To Do Before I Turn 30 ©iStock/Mucella

When I was younger, my best friend and I got drunk and made a list up for ridiculous things we wanted to do by 25. Now that I’m almost 26 and that list was completely checked off (go us!), I’ve come up with a new list of to-dos that I want to complete by the time I turn the dirty 30. I’m not talking about marriage and babies, either.

  1. Swim with sharks. This has been a dream of mine since I saw Jaws at the ripe young age of 7. Since then, I’ve been obsessed with sharks. As amazed and in awe of these creatures that I am, the knowledge that these things could kill me with one bite has always been a lingering fear of mine. However, the time has come where I’ve officially decided that it is something that I want/need to do.
  2. Get tested to see if I am prone to certain diseases. Alzheimer’s, dementia, breast cancer, and colon cancer all run in my family. As morbid as it may seem, I want a heads up to see if I’m prone to any of them. Knowledge is power, as they say.
  3. Dye my hair a non-traditional color. My boss and colleagues will be less than pleased, but YOLO, people. At the moment, I’m thinking about a champagne color.
  4. Quit biting my nails. This is just one of the bad beauty habits I have. I’ve been trying to nix this habit for YEARS. I’m currently working on quitting by getting constant manicures, and it’s been working so far, but I’m known for quitting then relapsing and biting. Hopefully this one will be checked off soon.
  5. Dance ON a bar. Yes, Coyote Ugly style.
  6. Go on an Alaskan Cruise. My grandparents have gone on a few of these and have said it’s the most AMAZING experience ever. I gotta do it. What could be better than seeing such a beautiful part of the world?
  7. Go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans. And maybe try to snag some beads while I’m down there (if you know what I mean… wink wink). I feel like this is one of the biggest disaster ever and I need to take part at least once, while I’m still young enough to get away wit hit.
  8. Party on a yacht. Partly because it’s so badass, but mostly for the Instagram pic.
  9. Master a recipe, any recipe. I know how to make a mean taco dip, but that’s about it. I made my mom promise to let me watch her make the Thanksgiving turkey next year. I need to learn to become a bit more Nigella Lawson in the kitchen.
  10. Get a hobby. I have a girlfriend who knits, another one that dances, and another one that runs, and here I am with a love for drinking and shopping. I HAVE been attending Garden Club meetings with my mom, but the love of making wreaths hasn’t set in yet.
  11. Be more flexible. I literally cannot touch my toes. Is there a surgery out there to loosen ligaments? HELP.
Shelby is a New England girl who loves mimosas, edamame, new bras, and her Yorkie, Jack.