Uninvited Ex-Girlfriend Drives SUV Through Ex-Boyfriend’s Funeral

Uninvited Ex-Girlfriend Drives SUV Through Ex-Boyfriend’s Funeral Cass County Jail

A Minnesota woman was arrested after she allegedly drove through her ex-boyfriend’s funeral and tried to “run people over” with her SUV. Blaire Whitten headed to the Riverside Cemetery in Fargo, North Dakota on Saturday despite the man’s family requesting she not attend the service and that’s when things got a little out of control, according to the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

  1. Whitten had allegedly been badmouthing her ex on social media. While it’s a pretty universally accepted belief that you should show a little respect when someone dies, that reportedly wasn’t the case for Whitten, who took to social media following her ex’s passing to make some pretty inappropriate remarks about him. This led the family to request she stay well away from the funeral, but she didn’t listen.
  2. She was asked to leave by a member of the man’s family. One witness said he approached Whitten in her vehicle at the cemetery and sked her to leave. However, instead of keeping the peace and driving away, she decided she would not only stay but make a real entrance.
  3. Whitten sped up in her SUV and sped through the funeral proceedings. After she was asked to leave, the witness had to jump out of the way of Whitten’s SUV as she hit the gas and went speeding through the cemetery. The dead man’s father said he saw Whitten driving fast and several other witnesses reported the vehicle to police.
  4. She didn’t care what or who she hit. According to court reports, Whitten was “recklessly driving over gravesites and trying to run people over” with her SUV. However, she claims that she felt she was in danger when someone approached her vehicle and insists that she carefully pulled away.
  5. Whitten has been charged with misdemeanor reckless endangerment. “Multiple complainants reported Whitten was driving her vehicle, inside the cemetery, in a manner with extreme indifference for human life which created a substantial risk of serious bodily injury to persons in the cemetery,” police spokesperson Jessica Schindeldecker said, as per local outlet KVRR.
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