9 Unique Ways To Show Your Partner You Appreciate Them

You love your significant other and you want to show them just how much, but you don’t want to resort to the standard cliches like buying them a gift or treating them to dinner. Here are a few unique ways you can let your partner know just how you feel—they’re sure to go all warm and fuzzy over these gestures.

  1. Give them space. This may sound strange but hear me out. If you’re really honest with yourself, is there anything better than spending some quality time by yourself every now and then? If your partner is someone who enjoys time alone or time with their friends (without you tagging along), then giving them their space may be exactly what they need. Go ahead and let the leash a little looser. I’ll bet you your partner will appreciate the gesture and love you even more for it!
  2. Do something for them that they hate doing. My boyfriend changes our cats’ litter boxes frequently since he knows I hate it so much. In return, I clean all the bathrooms (including the toilets). Even though he’s usually the one that makes the bathroom messy and the cats are technically mine, we still do this for each other. Why? It’s just another way to show each other how much we care. It makes each other’s days a little less stressful to know we don’t have to do the one chore that we hate.
  3. Let them make the choice this time. If you’re usually the one that picks the restaurant or the movie, let them choose this time. Sometimes people naturally let their partner make all the decisions but they usually have an opinion underneath. Ask them about it and let them pick that rom-com or action flick they’ve been dying to see. And when you’re watching it, don’t check out and play Tetris on your phone. Watch the movie with them and then talk about it afterward. Your partner will thank you.
  4. Spend quality time together. If you lead a busy lifestyle, this can be especially appealing to your S.O. Take the time to plan a quiet meal or a night away from everything. Put down your phone, tablet, laptop, pager, and every other electronic device. Spend time talking and really listening to your partner. Ask them questions, and focus on their answer. Try to learn more about them and you might be surprised by what you find out! Plus, your partner will feel truly heard and understood, which always makes a better relationship.
  5. Make plans. If your partner is usually the one to make all the plans, lighten the load for them and plan a date. Plan everything and don’t leave anything to them. Make dinner reservations, find a babysitter for the kids (or dog!), and check your calendar to make sure it doesn’t conflict with anything else you guys have planned. Put gas in the car, buy their favorite bottle of wine, and just tell them what time to be ready. Take it from someone who always makes the plans, these times are so much appreciated!
  6. Lighten their load. If your partner is stressed out, help them lighten their load. This could be as simple as cleaning the house or doing some chores so they don’t have to do it. Maybe you could pick up their dry cleaning or run another errand that will give them extra time during the day. Ask them what they need help with the most and then offer to help them. If your partner sees you as someone that helps lighten their stress, they’ll appreciate that more than you know!
  7. Plan a night that’s all about them. The trick to this is showing them that you’ve paid attention to the little things. Order their favorite takeout and buy their favorite candy. Bring home their favorite beer and rent their favorite movie. Show them how much you know about them and what they like by planning a night based on all their favorites!
  8. Write them a love letter. I think love letters are underrated. I wish people would write more of them! I can’t think of anything I would like more from my boyfriend than a letter telling me how much he loves me and what he loves about our life together. There’s just something about putting those words down on paper that makes it more meaningful. The best part about this one is that it doesn’t require much time or money!
  9. Encourage their passions. If you know your partner has a major dream that they’re somewhat embarrassed to admit, encourage it. Research things they can do to take steps towards achieving their goal (or at least indulge their passion for it) and tell them they should go for it. Your partner will love that you not only don’t find their dream ridiculous but that you want to help them achieve it!
I love to write on my laptop with my cat on my lap and a cup of tea nearby :)