7 Unusual Places To Pick Up Guys That You Probably Haven’t Considered

7 Unusual Places To Pick Up Guys That You Probably Haven’t Considered ©iStock/Geber86

What options do you have for meeting guys in 2015 and beyond if Internet dating isn’t your thing? Usually, it’ll involve the bar/club scene, going to the same places all the time, and trying to avoid the same creepy drunk guys who are always there. But then, even if you do meet a good looking guy, he’ll probably turn out to be a terrible boyfriend. Trust me — I’ve been trying to pull guys in bars for over a decade, with very limited success.

If you want to find a decent guy, you have to broaden your horizons. I don’t mean that you should become less choosy or lower your standards; I mean that you have to start looking in new places. Especially as you get older, it seems all the good guys are taken, so you have to up your game. Think of everywhere you go as a potential place to find a mate. Here are some more unconventional places to meet Mr. Right:

  1. Public transport.  I actually met my current partner on a late night train, when I asked him about a station stop. It turned out we were both getting off at the same stop. We got talking, went for a drink afterwards, and the rest is history. Next time you’re on public transport, try sitting next to a cute guy and strike up a conversation, instead of sitting alone at the back of the bus.
  2. Funerals. No, I haven’t gone mad — I actually met a guy at a funeral a few years ago, and we dated for a few months afterwards. It might seem a bit weird, but try it – you never know! Remember to keep it appropriate, though. Hitting on someone at the buffet table is acceptable. Hitting on someone while standing next to an open casket is definitely not.
  3. During a muddy obstacle race. Taking part in a race like Tough Mudder is a great way of meeting people. There’s such camaraderie among the participants as everyone encourages each other to stay motivated, and help each other over the obstacles. Especially if you’re a girl, there are no shortages of strong, fit males willing to lift you over a fence or let you climb over their shoulders. It’s a great way to touch and squeeze body parts in public, before you’ve even been on the first date!
  4. Trying out a new hobby. You might end up making a whole new group of friends, as well as meeting someone special, all while trying something new and potentially exciting. If you’re into music, why not try a dance class? Or if you’re sporty, try martial arts — anything that involves physical contact is great! If you’re more into the arts, then try a poetry or drama group. Listening to other people sharing their creative endeavors and deepest thoughts is a great way to get to know someone.
  5. The laundromat. You might think that there can’t possibly be anywhere less romantic than the laundromat. It’s boring and it smells funny, but that makes it the ideal place to strike up a conversation with someone — especially if it’s a good looking guy! Besides, talking to people is a better way to spend the time than sitting in the corner with your head in a magazine.
  6. Doing extreme sports. In my experience, doing extreme sports involves a lot of crashing, falling, and being picked up off the ground by hot guys. I’m not talking anything too dangerous here, but things like skiing, snowboarding, or rollerskating are great options. Don’t worry about not being experienced – there are plenty of guys out there willing to teach you a few techniques, and even if you fall, you can both have a good laugh about it afterwards.
  7. At a political march or charity campaign. If you feel strongly about a particular cause, then get involved at the next local group meeting, join a march, or launch a fundraising campaign in your area. This is a great way to meet new people who are like-minded and feel passionately about the same cause that you do.

What’s most effective about unusual places like these is that anybody you meet will automatically have at least one shared interest with you. This means that you’re a lot more likely to have things in common than when you meet a random drunk dude in a bar or nightclub, and it’s also a great way to start a conversation. The bar dating scene is so over, and I’m not yet convinced about Tinder. It’s time to get out there and try somewhere new!

Ailie is a freelance and creative writer living in Scotland. When she is not busy writing, she will likely be found taking part in political protests, competing in muddy obstacle courses, and climbing mountains. https://ailiewallace.com