UPS Driver Takes Adorable Photos With Dogs He Meets Along His Routes

Being a delivery driver who’s on the road all day, bringing packages to people’s doors is a tough job. However, it’s not completely thankless, especially if you’re Jason “Jay” Hardesty. He’s been working for UPS for a while now, but when he moved to a new route two years ago, life got a whole lot better because there were loads of adorable dogs to take photos with.

Jay lives in New Orleans. While his previous route was full of dogs that didn’t seem all that friendly, the new route in town has been much more successful in this way. The pups he comes across are much happier to greet him with a tail wag or even a little kiss, and Jay is all too happy to snap a photo with them.

He shares his dog photos on Instagram. Jay may be a UPS driver, but he’s also an animal lover and since he’s cuddling so many adorable pups while on the job, he decided to start sharing the photos he takes with them on his Instagram account @jayhardesty using the hashtag #pupsofjay.

There are so many adorable pups to look at! Jay’s expression of joy when posing with the pups is contagious and you can’t help but smile when you see them. Not only that, but the dogs themselves are really cute, ranging from tiny puppies to full-grown doggos. For dog lovers out there, his account is a must-follow.

That’s not all Jay shares on his account. His Instagram also showcases pics of beautiful New Orleans architecture as well as other sights around the city and even photos of his adorable niece. In other words, it’s all the happy, positive stuff we need in life right now and it’s no wonder he has more than 80,000 followers who want to share in his adventures.

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