The Upsides Of Being A Serial Dater

Women who are bossing the dating often get a bad rap, but anyone giving you a hard time is either bitter or just doesn’t understand how good serial dating can be when done correctly. There are plenty of downsides to hopping from guy to guy, of course, but if done well, it is a great thing!

  1. You’re never boredCoffee, lunch, dinner, drinks, dancing, movies, mini golf, dinner cruise… the options are endless! You fill your days and nights with amazing things, and guys, to do. You never get bored, that’s for sure.
  2. You don’t feel so bad if it doesn’t work out. First dates rarely progress to second ones or beyond, but if you’re a serial dater, that stings just a little bit less. You know the cliche about there being plenty of fish in the sea is actually pretty true, so you don’t waste too much time on the ones that aren’t right.
  3. You learn the ins and outs of the dating game. Men claim to be simple creatures, but that’s a damn lie. A lot of them play games and lead us on and generally mess us around for their enjoyment. When you’re a serial dater, you start to see through these games, and often can beat guys to the punch because you know what’s coming. Knowledge is a beautiful thing.
  4. You expand your horizons bigtime. Serial dating not only comes with all kind of dates, it comes with all kinds of men. You encounter new cuisines, new cultures, and lots of experiences you may not have had otherwise. That’s never a bad thing, right?
  5. Free dinner is definitely a perk. You definitely shouldn’t be dating a guy just for the sake of a free meal, and you should always offer to pay your share, but if a guy insists on treating you, then even if it doesn’t work out, you at least got a free drink or meal out of it, right?
  6. You learn a lot about yourself. When you’re constantly getting to know new guys, you tend to open up about yourself your life in return, and sometimes you learn things about yourself you never knew (or accept something you’d been pushing under the surface).
  7. You have a whole lot of fun. If you like to date, then serial dating is a lot of fun. Yeah, there are creeps and weirdos and guys you just don’t click with, but there are also lots of fascinating and funny guys who you have a great time with. Moments are what matter in life, and there are plenty of great ones in the life of a serial dater.
  8. You slowly figure out exactly what you want and what you don’t. We all make lists of what we think we want in our ideal guy, but when you date a lot of them, you slowly start to see that the list silly is and you will never find all of the items on it in one person. You also figure out that you should stop keeping a checklist and just experience things as they come along.
  9. You get to feel sexy pretty much all the time. Serial dating is an endless supply of men who think you’re sexy, and that’s an awesome feeling. It isn’t the best part, nor should it be, but it sure feels good — especially on days when you don’t feel sexy before you go out on that date. The ego boost is good for the soul.
  10. If you kiss enough frogs, you’ll eventually find your prince, right? At the end of the day, the plan is to eventually find someone worth settling down with and hanging up the serial dater hat. For now, you’re seeing what’s out there, and eventually, when you date a whole lot of Mr. Wrongs, you get closer and closer to Mr. Right.
C. is an aspiring yogi and Ph.D student who loves her dogs, bright lipstick and to travel. Find her on IG @drparko121314