Using Pool Noodles To Dry Your Makeup Brushes Might Be The Best Life Hack Ever

When you wash your makeup brushes, it’s hard to ensure that they keep their shape as they dry and don’t end up all weird and nearly unusable. However, one genius woman has come up with the perfect solution: use a pool noodle!

  1. Gail Sherman is the hero we all need right now. Sherman posted a public photo to Facebook earlier this month showing off her genius hack: drying her makeup brushes with the help of a standard pool noodle.
  2. The concept is pretty simple. According to Sherman’s photo, all you need to do is cut some slits into a pool noodle and then pop the handles of your makeup brushes in there so that the bristles are dangling and can dry naturally. To make it even more genius, she’s cut the noodle horizontally too in order to make it stick onto the edge of her counter. MIND = BLOWN.
  3. The idea has gone viral, and rightfully so. As of June 29, Sherman’s post has more than 2.6k likes, 7.8k comments, and an insane 13k shares. It’s clear that women (and men!) around the world are realizing Sherman’s genius and wanting to try this trick for themselves.
  4. This might actually encourage people to wash their makeup brushes more. Admittedly, I don’t do mine nearly enough, largely because drying them is such a hassle. Now that I’ve discovered this trick, I might be more likely to do it more often. It’s really important to practice good hygiene by washing your makeup brushes, which are rife with bacteria the longer they go unwashed, so this can only be a good thing.
  5. It’s a cheap and cheerful trick that you can use long-term. Pool noodles aren’t all that expensive, and once you make the necessary cuts to turn one into a makeup brush dryer, you can use it time and time again. Then you can use the extras for your next pool party. Sounds like a plan to me!

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