Valentine’s Day Gifts That Won’t Scare Away Your New Boyfriend

Valentine’s Day can be fun when you actually have someone to celebrate it with, but what if your valentine is a new guy who you’ve only been seeing for a short time? You don’t want to go crazy and spend a bunch of money and freak him out but you do want to get him some small token of your burgeoning feelings. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Novelty socks How can you go wrong with a pair of novelty socks? Any old pair would do, but I definitely suggest picking out a super quirky pair. You can find one with his favorite animal, book, or even his favorite meme. He’ll be sure to appreciate whatever you choose. It’s casual, laid-back, yet still thoughtful.
  2. Shower products You can get a bit selfish here. Maybe there’s a certain body wash that you just love the scent of when you smell test it in the store. Get him that one and maybe some aftershave to pair with it. Sometimes going simple can be your best bet. He’ll smell nice and you’ll want to be all over him to get a better sniff. What’s not to love?
  3. A fun game Um, Cards Against Humanity, anyone? Seriously, I’d get him that game if I was choosing, but pick something fun that can entertain a crowd. You can choose a card game that’ll be fun when you two are drinking together or you can choose a strategy game for him and his guys. There are so many options!
  4. Lingerie What better way to show your affection than some lingerie that makes you look hot as hell and him salivate over you? You get to keep the goods while he can enjoy the viewing pleasure. Lingerie is a classic gift that’s appropriate for pretty much all stages in the relationship if you’re having sex or plan to soon. Get fun and funky with it.
  5. Tickets to a show or game Maybe he absolutely loves music and a band he likes is coming to town. If they’re within your price range, buy a pair of tickets for him. You two can go together to make lovely memories and enjoy his favorite jams. You could also hit up some kind of sports game if that’s his thing.
  6. A candle It’s hard to go wrong with a candle unless your guy is the kind that would think you’d lost your mind for giving him such a gift. Most dudes aren’t against their place smelling delicious, though. You could get romantic and buy him a scent that reminds you of him. Or, you could try to guess a scent that he’d be into. Whatever you buy will likely be fine because it’s a thoughtful gift!
  7. A home-brewing beer kit This is kind of a fun one. If your guy drinks, you can buy him a home-brewing beer kit so that he can make his own brewskis. A guy who loves beer would go crazy over this gift and it’s something that he might not buy for himself. You can get them for relatively cheap so you aren’t going crazy on the spending.
  8. Text-friendly gloves Pretty cheap but super usable, this gift is a great idea. Your guy can use them to stay warm while he also texts you. You could even get a pair in his favorite color. It’s freezing out there and with at least five more weeks of winter on the horizon, these will come in handy.
  9. A portable bluetooth speaker Who doesn’t want or need a portable speaker? It’s good for cleaning the house or jamming with guests over. This is a perfect gift if you want to spend a little bit more money but you don’t want to bankrupt yourself. He’ll thank you later as he listens to his favorite tunes from the other side of his apartment.
  10. Chocolate/candy This is a classic but for a good reason: it never hurts to buy candy. It can be bought at any stage of the relationship. You can get his favorite candy if you know it or you can try getting yours. Get cute with the Valentine’s Day themed candy—there’s some good stuff out there.
  11. A coffee mug There are so many fun coffee mugs out there! You can get a sweet saying or a hilarious print, whatever you think he’d enjoy. A coffee mug is a pretty low-key gift that sends the message you put effort into it but not too much that it’s creepy. It’s a safe bet and will likely come in handy if he needs his morning caffeine hit to feel human like so many of us do.
  12. A band t-shirt Perhaps you bonded over his favorite band early on in your relationship. Search the web for a band tee that’s sure to make him smile. He’ll be happy that you went out of your way to get something that has serious sentimental value to him. Plus, if he has good taste in music, you’ll be happy to make the purchase.
  13. A new phone case He may have a beat up phone case or one that’s clearly old. This gift is kind of risky because you’re buying a case that you hope he likes, but it’s worth it if it works out! It could be a really unique gift that serves a purpose. Go with his favorite color, sports team, or TV show and you’ll probably be safe.
  14. A magazine subscription. I know, who reads magazines anymore? But some people might like them. Especially if your guy is a sports fan, there are really cheap subscriptions available.
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