The Water In Venice Is Clear For The First Time In Years And Fish Return As City Is On Lockdown

Venice is the Italian city known for its glorious canals, full of gondolas which cart tourists and locals alike along its waterways year-round. However, those canals are notoriously polluted as a result of the heavy traffic they receive, which is why it’s such a beautiful thing to see the water running clear now that the city is under lockdown.

What’s happening in the world and in Italy in particular is anything but good news. The spread of illness and the thousands of deaths it’s causing is no laughing matter and nothing to be happy about. The pandemic is the cause of Italy being under strict lockdown which, while scary and sad in many ways, is having an incredible effect on the ecosystem.

The story of Venice’s waterways is also sad. Because Venice doesn’t have a sewage system, they use the canals to dump everything from cosmetics and detergents to, well, sewage. This leaves the water in a terrible state, but the extensive damage is already beginning to be reversed in the few weeks that the residents have been under lockdown. There is not only less being dumped into the canals but also fewer boats and less tourists, the absence of which has caused somewhat of a miracle to occur.

The water is clear! For the first time in forever, you can actually see through Venice’s canal waters, which is incredible. It’s not only striking for tourists to see but for local residents as well, most of whom will never have had the privilege of such a sight.

The wildlife has returned as well. In addition to the water running clear for the first time in forever, animals including scores of fish as well as swans and even dolphins have returned to Venice’s waterways, showing just how much of a difference this lockdown has made.

Not only that, but air pollution has greatly reduced as well. Images from the European Space Agency (ESA)’s Copernicus Sentinel-5P satellite showed a sharp decrease in emissions since the country went into lockdown on March 8, which is incredible news all around. If we take nothing else from this health crisis, perhaps it can be the importance of caring for our planet.

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