Viral TikTok Couple Reveal They’re Also Step-Siblings

The couple who run the viral @alphafamilia TikTok account have revealed that not only are they dating, they just so happen to be step-siblings. Diana Camila Avila and Jordie Vena have done the most when it comes to trying to gain social media fame, from Diana taking on a high-pitched baby voice to the couple doing weird comedy skits and dance clips. However, no one ever would have expected for them to reveal that they’re related.

  1. They met through their parents, of course. How do step-siblings become romantically involved, you ask? Well, their parents introduced them and there was an immediate spark. In fact, Diana tells LADBible that it was “love at first sight,” saying that while they met six years ago, it took them three years to actually becoming a couple. “We met six years ago but we started dating three years ago. We met through our parents,” Diana said.
  2. They had to keep their feelings hushed for a while. Obviously, not everyone takes kindly to the idea of people who are related being in a romantic relationship, which is why Diana and Jordie had to keep things casual for so long. However, they finally kissed one night when their parents were away and they’ve never been apart since.
  3. Not everyone is on board with the idea. After revealing their sibling relationship on TikTok, they got a lot of comments from people who just weren’t into it and said the idea made them uncomfortable.
  4. However, Jordie and Diana are proud of their connection. Responding to the haters, Jordie simply said “too bad for you” and Diana insisted that they’re not ashamed of their relationship just because they’re step-siblings. “People are very negative about our relationship. We get negativity daily,” she said. “It’s hard for people to understand our relationship, but love is love. It’s hard to know who you’re going to fall in love with.”
  5. For the record, they’re not actually related by blood. Before anyone gets too up in arms, it should be mentioned that Diana and Jordie have no blood relation so there’s nothing illegal or even all that inappropriate going on here. The idea might make some uncomfortable, but they’re sticking to their guns.

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