Viral TikTok Highlights Difference Between Younger Generation And Older Generation At Restaurants

A viral TikTok video that claims to show the difference between the younger generation vs. the older generation at restaurants is causing major debate online. The clip, posted by Sally Loeza (@sallymander), showed an organized table with stacked plates and silverware after a meal followed by a messy table with dishes and cups everywhere, making it harder for the restaurant’s staff to clean up. With over 130,000 likes and counting, it’s clear people have very strong opinions of the generalizations being made here.


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  1. It’s all about consideration. As Loeza said in the comments, she has no ties to the restaurant and doesn’t work there, she just thinks it’s rude not to take an extra few seconds and clean up after yourself. “I’m not the waitress. I was the customer to the left. Even though it’s not ‘our job’ it takes 5 seconds to pick up after yourself & requires 0 effort,” she wrote.
  2. Many people agreed with her. While the comments on the video saw both sides of the argument, many – especially those who have worked in the service industry before – totally agreed with her. As one person wrote: “I always stack the plates and gather it all together before leaving. It just seems more courteous.” Another added: “It’s funny cause the cleaner table also probably tipped better.”
  3. Some people thought the argument was ridiculous, however. Another former restaurant worker said it actually was more of a pain than a help when diners stacked their plates, explaining: “Worked service 15 [years] and actually hated when customers did this, they always stacked them wrong. [I prefer] to do it myself.” Another added: “As a busser, I kinda don’t like when people stack cause it ruins my flow and the way I do it. Best to just tidy it up instead.”
  4. Whatever your view, remember to be kind to your servers. They’re underpaid and overworked and really don’t need unnecessary hassle. Show kindness and consideration to the people serving you – it’s really not that hard.
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