Waffle House Is Selling Its Infamous Waffle Mix Online

Waffle House Is Selling Its Infamous Waffle Mix Online Waffle House

While we’re all stuck indoors, one thing has become blatantly clear to me: I really miss going out to eat. In particular, I miss ordering up a stack of waffles with a side of bacon and slathering both in maple syrup. Thankfully, Waffle House gets it and they’re selling their infamous Sweet Cream Waffle Mix online so I can make them at home β€” and so can you!

  1. This is exactly what we need right now. Waffle House is doing collection orders at some of their 400 restaurants around the country, but if you’ve become a bit of a home baker and wanted to give it a go yourself, you can grab a bag of the waffle mix and get back in the kitchen. You’ll have a plate of hot and crispy waffles in front of you in no time.
  2. You can get three bags of Waffle House waffle mix for $20. Total steal! Imagine how many waffles you can make with all of those. Frankly, we don’t know how long we’re going to be on lockdown so we should probably hang onto these and try to use them sparingly.
  3. You can even buy some Waffle House coffee to go with your pancakes. They’re selling 5-packs of their delicious 100% Arabica coffee for $20, which should get you through a few weeks (or at least a few days, if you drink coffee pretty much like water like I do).
  4. Waffle House only released their waffle mix online on April 8. They made the announcement on Twitter, writing, “Keep the Waffle House experience alive in your Waffle Home! For a LIMITED TIME we are now featuring Waffle Mix and Waffleopoly on shopwafflehouse.com!”Β 
  5. It sold out pretty much in record time. Of course, making Waffle House waffle mix available to the public was going to cause a massive rush to their online store, and that’s exactly what happened. They sold out not long after they went online, though Waffle House promises that more stock is on the way. Keep your eyes peeled on their website to grab some when it comes back!
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