Wait For The Man Who Gives You These 18 Feelings

It’s easy to settle when you lose sight of what a good relationship is like. Sometimes you go so long without one that you forget it’s even possible to have what you want. Hold on to hope and wait for a guy who makes you feel these 18 emotions—he’s out there.

Excitement You always get butterflies in the beginning when you’re seeing someone new but the feeling fades away quickly. Hold out for the person who not only gets you excited about them but excited about life in general—for the long haul.

Security It may sound boring but it’s actually essential. You want to be with someone you trust, someone who you don’t have to monitor or keep tabs on in order to make sure they’re staying in line. Wait for the person who gives you no reason to doubt them.

Positivity Yes, your general attitude about life needs to come from a place within yourself. Still, it doesn’t hurt to spend your time with someone special who enhances your joy and encourages an uplifting perspective.

Enthusiasm This person is someone you spend a great deal of time with, so might as well hold out for someone who brings a ton of enthusiasm both to you and for you. There’s nothing like loving someone who is equally engaged—it perpetuates positive emotions.

Safety Another emotional that at first glance seems dull but it’s actually sexy as hell. What could be more appealing than the ability to be completely yourself with another human being? You want the person with whom you can lay your heart bare without fear.

Amusement It’s perhaps the most essential element of a successful relationship: the ability to laugh together. You can get through almost anything if the two of you approach it with a shared sense of humor. Wait for the person who cracks you up beyond belief.

Delight You might not have experienced pure and utter delight with someone you’ve dated but you’ll know it when it happens. It’s the most amazing feeling—you’ll be beyond grateful that you stuck to your guns and waited for the right person.

Yearning When you’re with the partner who makes your heart sing, your entire being craves their proximity. You might not even exchange words—their presence simply calms you like nothing else. Wait for someone you intrinsically enjoy.

Desire You may think that you can’t have compatibility on all levels but you’re selling yourself short. You can and you will—as long as you don’t settle. You have to believe you deserve someone who makes you tingle no matter how long you’re together. It’s possible for your desire to grow as your relationship does.

Satisfaction This doesn’t mean you’re smug about your happiness, it just means you derive a deep sense of pleasure from your love. If you don’t feel that way, the person you’re with isn’t the one for you. Keep looking.

Drive A healthy, equal partnership means that the two of you encourage, motivate, and inspire each other. You’ve probably been in at least one past relationship that felt more like it drained your energy than renewed it. It’ll feel amazing when you find the person who elevates your game.

Respect You absolutely should never date someone you don’t respect. This is non-negotiable. If you don’t respect them, why would you be with them? Nothing feels better than to look at someone you love and feel proud of them as an individual apart from yourself.

Confidence Stop messing around with partners who make you feel bad about yourself. You should have absolutely no doubt that your person wants you and only you. The point is to be with someone who lifts you up and to do the same for them.

Trust Nothing feels quite as wonderful as knowing you can actually trust your partner. You’re likely to value this highly because if you’re anything like the rest of us, you’ve faced your share of betrayal. Once you find trust, never let it go.

Bravery With the support of a loving partner, you’re invincible. Hopefully you have a concrete, healthy level of self-esteem to start. This love should encourage you to further spread your wings, not be the only thing holding you aloft.

Daring The partner who truly suits you should be completely willing to join you in adventure, whatever that means to you. If you’re right for each other, you’ll find excitement in similar endeavors. You’ll be inspired to explore above and beyond what you thought possible.

Adoration If you aren’t looking at your partner with stars in your eyes, what are you even doing? You absolutely will find someone who inspires gooey feelings in your heart for the duration. You have to wait for it, though, or you’ll never experience its magic.

Acceptance You realize you’ve met your match when you want that person exactly as they are. They not only inspire you to accept them in all their imperfect glory but they accept you. This teaches you to love yourself as well. Embrace who you are and embrace your person with the same care.

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