Why Waking Up Between 3 AM And 5 AM Could Mean A Higher Power Is Trying To Send You A Message

If you’re a spiritual person, you probably won’t find it too hard to believe that there are higher powers out there and that sometimes they interact with us by sending us messages in subtle and surprising ways. In fact, there are certain times of the day and night when receiving this communication from the beyond is way more likely and more significant, so pay attention.

  1. Waking up between 3 am and 5 am is pretty important. If you regularly find yourself waking up in the night between these hours, it’s not a random thing. Sometimes we convince ourselves that these things just happen and there’s no meaning behind them, but according to many spiritual people, that couldn’t be further from the truth.
  2. The Witching Hour starts at 3 am. According to The Angel Writer, this is the hour in which the barrier between the physical and spiritual world is the thinnest and therefore, there’s more likely to be some crossover. The Guides, Spirits, and Angels are much more successful in getting on contact with humans during this time, which is why it’s preferable.
  3. Your consciousness could be “waking up.” If you regularly find yourself waking up at this time, it could be that you’re developing your self-awareness and realigning yourself to your most natural and present state, making yourself much more open to the universe and its messages.
  4. You could be receiving messages from a higher power. The site states that since there’s “less noise and interruption” during this time window, you’re less exposed to all the frequencies that clutter our minds and spirits during the daylight hours. This not only empowers your consciousness to tap into something higher but allows those beings to reach through the veil to send you a message.
  5. It shouldn’t be scary – it’s a blessing. While the idea of something or someone from the great beyond reaching out might sound a little scary at first, there’s no reason to be afraid. Sometimes your spirit guides could be sending you much-needed help or guidance, or you could be receiving a message of comfort from a loved one who’s passed away. Whatever your experience, it should be seen as a positive one and you should remain open to it.
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