Walgreens Is Selling ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ Succulent Planters, Just FYI

If you love both succulents and Halloween – and let’s be clear here, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t – then you’ll want to head to your local Walgreens ASAP to pick up one or all of their new Nightmare Before Christmas succulent planters. They’re actually super cute and perfect for Halloween!

nightmare before christmas succulent plantersWalgreens

  1. Who knew Walgreens was down with the cool decorations? If I’m being honest, I usually just buy snacks, pads, and Advil there, so I’ve never paid much attention to their selection of decorations/home goods. However, offering Nightmare Before Christmas succulent planters isn’t just awesome from a consumer perspective, it’s just good business for the store because I bet they’re selling like hotcakes.
  2. There are four characters from the iconic Tim Burton movie on offer. Instagrammer @spooky_halloween_finds managed to get a hold of the Jack Skellington and Zero versions, both of which come with their own little succulents – a black one for Jack and an orange for Zero. However, Walgreens is also selling a Sally succulent planter as well as an Oogie Boogie version, because who could be without him?
  3. The succulents are fake so they’re literally zero maintenance. While even real succulents can withstand a lot of abuse and neglect without dying, Walgreens was smart here and the succulents in their Nightmare Before Christmas planters are artificial and therefore can never die. I’m so down with that!
  4. They’re cheap and cheerful, as they say. You don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on Halloween decorations (though I would say these would be totally worth it), so you’ll be pleased to know that Walgreens has these little three-inch beauties priced at only $3.99 each. That’s a total bargain and means you can easily afford all four. You might even want to pick up a set for a friend who also loves the movie!
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