When You Walk Away, I Won’t Ever Take You Back

When You Walk Away, I Won’t Ever Take You Back ©iStock/KristinaJovanovic

You probably thought you took a part of me when you left me behind, but all of my pieces are here with me. I’m still a whole person, and even though you may have broken parts of me, I can repair what’s mine. You walked away. You gave up. And even if you change your mind, I won’t ever take you back.

  1. My heart is not a revolving door. You might think you can apologize or ease your way back into my life with all the right words, but I know better than to give you back that kind of control. Even if you were the one to leave me in the dark, I’ll find light again all on my own.
  2. Leaving me is a permanent choice. I don’t believe in “if you love something, set it free” because once I’m free, you can’t come back to me. It won’t matter how hard you try, because my dignity is stronger than what we had. If what we had was real, you wouldn’t have walked away in the first place.
  3. We broke up for a reason. You had your reasons when you walked away, and when you realize those reasons weren’t logical, I’ll have already rationalized why they were. In the end it only matters that you made the choice of un-wanting me and I processed that idea with pain in my heart. Coming back to me will only make me remember the way you said goodbye.
  4. I’m stronger now because of you. It was hard to digest the idea that you no longer saw me in your life, but once I swam in the sadness, I gained new strength. Now that I’m stronger, I’m saving myself for someone who doesn’t turn their back on me and the potential we have.
  5. Your mistake made will be your lesson learned. Time has a way of showing you the lesson in everything, and I take comfort in knowing I tried my best with you. I’ll look back on our memories with pride, knowing I did everything I could. You may never come back, and that’s OK, but when you look back at what we had, I know you’ll remember the ways I showed you I cared.
  6. I’m too tall to ride your emotional roller coaster. Taking you back will never seem like a good idea, because I won’t stand to get on that ride again knowing you might fool me twice. When you turned your back on me and headed out the door, I locked it behind you.
  7. The one who got away isn’t meant to come back. If I’m the one who got away from you, it’s because I’ll have truly freed myself from you. When you realize you had something great, I’ll be out of your reach, even though you held me once before. I’ll be the one you’ll always think about and wonder. I’ll be the blank pages you never wrote.
  8. You’ll be trapped in your regret while I revel in my freedom. Sooner or later, you’ll realize that everything I wanted for us came from a genuine place. Once you go on to realize women like me don’t come around often, you’ll regret letting me slip from your grip.
  9. You had your chance. If you leave me without a reason, I won’t let you come back with an excuse. Once you’ve had me and let me go, there’s no going back on your choice. I’m only going to get over you once and I won’t take any chances on risking having to do it all over again.