If You Want To Date An Alpha Female, You Need To Step Up Your Game

If You Want To Date An Alpha Female, You Need To Step Up Your Game ©iStock/Persians

Dating an alpha female is a challenge but that’s only because we demand the very best. We have our act together, are in command of our lives, and don’t take crap from anyone — it’s why men find us attractive. If you think you can handle us, here are a few tips on how you can win us over:

  1. Don’t be afraid to banter back — we can take it. If we dish it out, don’t be afraid to throw it back — we can handle it. We might come off offensive to some with how assertive we are with our thoughts and feelings, but it’s only because we’re passionate and we really don’t give a damn who doesn’t like it. We’re not easily offended, and if you want a chance with us, you need to feel the same.
  2. Impress us creatively. We’re not overly wowed by a cliche display of romance. Oh, you sent us flowers? How very vanilla of you. Flowers are sweet and we appreciate them, but we also appreciate the more creative gestures in life, like surprise morning sex in the shower while we’re getting ready to go slay our careers, topped off with a shot of Baileys in our coffee. Now that’s romance to an alpha female.
  3. Challenge us. If you want to attain and hold our interest, you need to be different than what we’re used to. We’re not into BS dating games, but we do love a man who can challenge us. Challenge our thoughts, our ideas, and our bodies in the bedroom. We love a man who can make us think and feel deeply, and we fall madly for the ones who do.
  4. Accept when we don’t need your help. You might like to be the man who comes to the rescue at all costs, but we’ve got this stuff handled. It’s not that we don’t want your assistance, it’s just that we don’t always need it and we won’t inconvenience ourselves or put stuff off just so you can feel like our hero. We’re already our own heroes.
  5. Have your own life, because we’re busy as hell. If you sit at home all the time with nothing better to do than text us all day and night, eventually we’ll get annoyed. We love that you’re thinking about us, but we don’t need it 24/7. We like a man who’s busy with his own set of priorities outside of our relationship. We’re genuinely busy, and although it might be frustrating at times, it’s also the perfect time for you to go out and do the things you love. Your own life ambitions, even if small, are majorly attractive to us.
  6. Be open to our opinions, and form some of your own. If you can’t handle a conflict in opinions, we’re sorry, but it’s not going to work. You’ll need to let go of the need to always be right and make room for agreeing to disagree on some things, because we’ll never change our own opinions just to appease you — screw that. We’re proud of who we are now and we’re not looking to be changed or tamed.
  7. Don’t be afraid of intensity in the bedroom. You should never be shy to go outside of the lines with an alpha female when it comes to sex. Push us into the wall and kiss us passionately. Press up against us. Rip our clothes off and toss us onto the bed with intensity and purpose. A true alpha female might be dominating most of the time, but we do welcome being dominated in private. It’s actually a huge turn on for us.
  8. Don’t waste our time if you can’t handle it. If you really want to date an alpha female, you need to be prepared for the thrill of it. Being in a relationship with us might require you to take a bigger step up to the plate, but we’re worth every bit of the effort.