Here’s Why I Want A Guy To Ask My Dad’s Permission If He Wants To Marry Me

While I agree that I’m nobody’s property and that it’s not up to my parents who I spend my life with, I still believe in respecting the people who raised me and supported me through every stage in life. That’s why it’s so important to me that a guy ask my dad’s permission if he wants to marry me.

  1. My dad was my first love. I was a total daddy’s girl growing up. We share a unique sense of humor and still crack up about inside jokes we made a decade ago. We’ve always shared a lot of interests and, being his only daughter, he was smitten with me when I was born. They say that fathers shape who their daughters’ desire in a relationship, and I didn’t want anything more than a guy who loved me as much as my dad did.
  2. He gave me opportunities. My parents have always been huge supporters of everything I’ve wanted to do in life. Whether it was a sport, a musical instrument, or a hobby I wanted to pick up, they made it possible for me to try everything. Without their support, especially my dad giving the OK for every new activity, I wouldn’t be the same person I am today.
  3. He instilled values into me. My dad was a great model of the kind of person I’d want in my life further down the road. He helped me develop strong opinions, beliefs, and values early in my life that put me ahead in life. He showed me how to be a good person and truly love someone. Without him, who knows if I’d have the same values?
  4. He taught me how to be myself. He never told me I had to be one thing or another; he let me explore my interests and taught me to own my identity. He loved walking in on me listening to his collection of Beatles albums or riding my horse around the fields outside our window. He never questioned my love of fashion or my love of riding along on the tractor. He let me grow up to be everything I wanted to be and never held me back.
  5. He took my education very seriously. My dad made sure I grew up to be a capable, educated woman. He and my mom spent so much time planning where I should go for school and made sure I had every opportunity available to excel in my education. Without his support and guidance, I wouldn’t have had the same chance to educate and develop myself.
  6. He always loved my mom 100%. Watching the way my dad treated my mom set goals for the way my future husband would treat me. Seeing how they could work together, have fun together, and get through every high and low was inspiring. I knew we could trust him to be there and lead our family no matter what, and that’s so priceless in a day where people leave all the time for their own interests. He always cared for his wife and daughter. He always put us before himself.
  7. He supported me financially. I didn’t raise myself. My parents made sure I never went without when I was growing up and they sacrificed so much to do things for me. My dad paid for my sports fees and piano lessons, field trips, and summer camps. He worked extra hard to make sure I had what I needed and never had to worry about being able to afford something as a kid. Being financially independent and on my own now, I’ll always have gratitude for his hard work and sacrifice for me.
  8. He gave me the greatest childhood. I have some of the most amazing memories with my dad. We laughed until we cried on road trips, he was the best field trip chaperone, and he always made my friends pancakes at sleepovers. He always brought me souvenirs from his business trips and took me out to eat for daddy-daughter dates just because. I had so much fun with him as a dad and always knew I could count on him. He was my best friend and I’ll never forget all of our memories.
  9. He supported my dating life. He was never overprotective of me. He never intimidated my dates or made them feel uncomfortable. He knew that he raised a daughter who could hold her own and he trusted my judgment. He never pried into who I was seeing or asked weird questions when he came around—he was always just cool. If I asked for his opinion of my boyfriend, he’d tell me, but he never pressed me for answers. I always appreciated him giving me space and letting me handle my own business in my love life.
  10. He made me the person I am. My dad spent 18+ years raising me, investing in me, and helping to shape me into an awesome woman for herself and her future husband. He sacrificed so many things to put me ahead and set me up for an awesome adult life. Even though I’m not under his roof anymore, I want to show my gratitude for everything he’s done for me and I want the man who marries me to do the same. I want him to understand all the work that went into helping me grow up right and let my dad in on the biggest decision in my life.
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