Want To Kiss People Over The Internet? There’s An iPhone Accessory For That

Not being able to kiss the person you’d really like to be kissing really sucks, right? If you’ve ever been in a long-term relationship, you’re probably no stranger to the sadness and frustration of being far away from the guy or girl you love and missing out on those small doses of physical intimacy. Thankfully, it seems like there may be a brilliant albeit strange workaround for couples that have to spend some time apart: Kissenger.

Kissenger is an iPhone accessory that uses a “robotic kissing pad” to send wireless kisses between two people. Sure, it sounds weird, but it’s also pretty cool. Developers in London created the device, which uses something called haptic feedback to transmit pressure from your lip’s to your partner’s iPhone and vice versa, so it’s like you’re actually kissing… just with way less spit and a potentially vaguely unpleasant rubbery aftertaste.

The robotic pad doesn’t particularly look like an actual set of lips, so you won’t really be able to do any frenching with your long distance lover, but maybe that’s a good thing since otherwise it might be a little TOO creepy.

Unfortunately, Kissenger is still in the development stages so likely won’t be available for a while longer, but at least long distance couples may one day have a way to connect even while they’re separated.

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