Want To Know If He’s “The One”? Here Are Some Subtle But Important Signs He’s It For You

In fairy tales, falling in love with “The One” is so easy. In real life, things aren’t as cut and dry. Trying to find out if the guy you’re with is just another speed bump in your dating life or the man you’ll grow old with is a toughie, but these signs will help you determine if he’s a keeper.

He Loves Your Quirks. Not everyone’s going to appreciate your obsession with unicorns or your unique ability to recite every line from the entire six seasons of Gossip Girl. But the guy who’s meant to be in your life won’t only accept your idiosyncrasies, he’ll love them too.

You’re the Star of His Show. He doesn’t just support you, he’s your biggest fan. No matter what you accomplish or which of your goals you crush, he’ll be the loudest one clapping and beaming with pride. A guy who’s “The One” will also brag about you to friends, family, and random strangers he meets on the street. In his eyes, you’re the best. If you meet one of his friends for the first time and they already know everything about you, hold on tight to this guy. He’s definitely “The One.”

He Adores Your Pets. Your ex might’ve called you a crazy cat lady but “The One” will find your love for animals endearing. He won’t just tolerate the fact that you’re a mom to three Calicos, he’ll embrace your furry friends and love them just as much as you do.

You Never Ruffle His Feathers. You can be a raging bitch who’s suffering from three days of non-stop PMS and it won’t change his thoughts about you one bit. The guy who’s a keeper won’t be scared when you’re at your worst because he’s in it for the long haul. A little bit of crabbiness and crankiness isn’t going to scare him away.

He Lets You Enjoy Your Freedom. He doesn’t try to hog you from your friends and families. He understands you had a life before him and he encourages you to maintain those relationships. If you mention going out of town with girlfriends or going on a solo backpack trip through Europe, “The One” will help you plan your itinerary. He’ll also gladly drop you off at the airport and send you on your way with a big kiss before you board your flight. He has friends, family, and hobbies of his own so he doesn’t need you around to provide him with constant entertainment. Plus, he knows that being away from each other is healthy, and missing each other just makes the two of you fall in love even more.

Silence Doesn’t Scare You. Haven’t heard from him in a few hours? No biggie. “The One” doesn’t make you freak out during brief moments of silence. Even when the two of you are together, some of your most special moments happen when you’re both just sitting next to each other and not saying a word. There’s a sense of calm and peace that comes with being with “The One.” Constant communication and chatter aren’t needed because your bond runs deeper than any words that can be said.

He’s Always Game. It doesn’t take much to convince him to pack a bag and head out on an impromptu weekend getaway. The guy who’s a keeper will always be down to do anything (within reason, of course). He’s all about making memories with you regardless of how crazy and off the wall they are.

You’ve Stopped Cyber Stalking Your Exes. You know that you’re really into your new relationship when you stop giving a damn about your ex. This is a sign that things with your new guy are going perfectly, and it can also be a sign that he’s really “The One.” Any guy who can make you forget about a jerk from the past definitely deserves a spot in your life.

You Can’t Wait to Introduce Him. In the past, you probably held off on introducing people to your friends and family because you weren’t sure if the relationship would last. But with this guy, you can’t wait to introduce him to your besties and your parents. When you know deep down the ones closest to you will love him as much as you do, it’s pretty clear that you’ve finally found your happily ever after.

Being Apart Is the Worst. You enjoy doing things on your own, but being away from “The One” has a way of crushing your heart. You can’t stop thinking about him, and you’re constantly checking your phone to see if he called. When you finally hear his voice, it’s the sweetest sound to ever filter through your ears. Your time apart helps you realize just how much he means to you, and thankfully, he feels the same way about you, too. If being away from your guy gives you all the feels, there’s a good chance he’s not just another notch on your belt. He’s the real deal.

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