Want A Long, Happy Life? Then Stay Away from Men, Says World’s Oldest Woman

We’ll all get old one day, but hopefully by the time we get there, we’ll be able to look back on the lives we’ve led and feel like we’ve made the most of them. Life will undoubtedly throw some not-so-pleasant crap our way over the years, but despite the hard times, the aim is to be relatively happy and healthy, right? Turns out, the world’s oldest woman has revealed the secret to doing just that: staying away from guys!

  1. Emma Morano just turned 117 years old on November 29, so she knows what’s up. If we should be taking life advice from anyone, it’s her. The Italian woman was born in 1899 and according to The Independent, she’s also the only living person to have experienced three separate centuries.
  2. She wasn’t always rolling solo. While she hasn’t been single her entire life, she’s been blissfully single since 1938 after leaving her abusive husband after her infant son passed away. Since then, she’s rolled solo and absolutely loved it, enjoying her independence and the feeling of not being “dominated by anyone.”
  3. She’s living proof that you don’t need a guy to be happy. While the idea of spending our lives without a romantic relationship might sound scary, Morano is proof that it’s not only possible to be single AF long-term, it’s also kinda preferable in some cases. She doesn’t seem to have suffered for it, in any case.
  4. Think about her next time you get frustrated about not having a boyfriend. You just might be extending your life by a few decades! Hey, it’s worked for her. Besides, think of how much time you’ll do so many other amazing things when you’re not focused on finding a relationship. The world really is your oyster—get out there and take advantage of it while you can.
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